An Audio Poem

Country Park, Greensboro, NC|Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

I washed myself
Clean of you, 
Saw the remnants flow
Down the drain. 
It wouldn't stop.
I shut the water off,
Afraid that if
Enough of you
Got through, it
Would clog.

One thing I miss — 
Your smile. 
Flawless like
Before cracked out Whitney, 
Hanging on broken notes
Of my favorite song. 
"You give good love"
Flushes through my brain, 
Running me into old
Letters with hearts
Drawn on envelopes.

I pressed into your realm, 
Reached out, found
What I needed to know
And now... every post
Recognition of my sordid
View wakes me up. 
I had been dreaming
Long enough. Too many
Sandman visits without
The added taxes and fees. 
I'm spoiled.

I told myself
Today is the biggest day
Of my life and
Since that declaration, I
Am turning into
The old me. 
A thankful teenager
Kicks her heels up,
Watches me turn a 
New leaf, 
And says,

"Welcome home."

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