Shame Of The Cultural Fake-ness

Sep 26, 2017 · 2 min read

Written in invisible ink on the paper of time,
I searched for them, lost in the sense of existence.
Months became years lost in search for sublime
Words of the great ones.
Search chained in persistence.

Patrons of arts suffocated in the pool of trash,
While created creators were lost in ordinariness.
A struck of the brush smudged the cultural clash
Of the extinct cultural statues
And those who cheaply bought their success.

Written in invisible ink, words with no meaning
Meant more than they could to those still in search.
Writing for the sake of writing, cultural demeaning;
They knew nothing of the urge
Burning through the fingers as words in emerge.

Acid rains melted the statues of those we glorified,
Whose art we used to absorb in complete awe.
Those historic pioneers of cultural transcendence
Would surely be horrified
With the abundance of kitsch and fake glow.

I wrote this poem, “Shame of the cultural fakeness”, as a revolt against all the commercial trash that can be found in these modern times. I think that people value too much things that have no quality at all, because money made it possible for those who with no quality to create and popularize their art. Thank-you for reading

Haris Čolić was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He started out by publishing short stories and poems in school magazines.
He currently writes for web portal AKOS and publishes fiction and poetry, both in English and Bosnian language, in literary magazines and anthologies.
His poetry in English has appeared or is forthcoming in PoetryNook, The Literary Hatchet and The Coil.
He is also a nominee for ‘The Luminaire Award for Best Poetry’ in 2018.


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