By NikNik

They anticipated her every move 
Questioning her groove 
Judging her from afar 
But she said nothing, she fought her war 
Nights were getting hectic 
Day light?…Still the same 
You could see in her eyes, something wasn’t right in her brain 
She softly nodded, taking short naps 
Living off energy, drinking “night caps” 
And yet they waited, wanting her to decide 
Steadily questioning her lack of pride 
Alas! It wasn’t pride she lacked at all! 
She just wanted space to recoup from the fall! 
Time to heal from a life that got too hard 
Strength to build, to put up her guard! 
She knows what she’s doing, best believe! 
Move too fast, then,oh,what a tangled web gets weaved! 
You may judge her from afar 
But only she knows…
She already won the war!

“She Wins” is dedicated to women who are unique and misunderstood. Blessings to all women who still know how to hold onto their inner mystery. -NikNik-

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