By NikNik

Mass surveillance 
will never capture the true essence… of what’s inside.

Actress or actor, 
becomes the non factor… Agreeing to give up their pride!

Little things we feel 
Expresses the real… Ways we let others see.

Photos and such 
Our hearts get touched… Relating to each other’s energy.

Desires of beauty 
A bigger booty… Giving in to the charades of it all!

Never aged 
Becoming caged… While the world slowly watches you fall!

Craving space to yourself 
Peace before wealth… Becomes your chant.

Fancy cars pass 
As you sit on the grass… Trying to decipher the things you can’t!

It’s a matrix 
It plays tricks… Dare you dig deeper?

Rest your brain 
You gotta maintain… Or life will become a creeper!

Heads will turn 
You’ll never learn… Why they seem to stare.

Live your life 
Even when things get trife…

For there’s no reason for you to even care!

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