copyright: Allan Rae

That Thing I Call Home

a multi-media consideration of structure and place

copyright: Allan Rae


178 times has yearly completion 
marked return of seasons past.
Built before land it rests on
declared its nation sovereign,
the soil is rich, a stability 
crafted over time as roots 
of apple and evergreen reach
past the stone of an anchoring 
presence, standing testament
to all that has gone before this
beacon for future tales.

copyright: Allan Rae


Below coat hooks on wood of an
outdoor wall you will find it.
A brilliant blue betrayed by 
weather and cracks of stone, 
the outline of a dragonfly 
dominates as my eyes adjust.
Whispering softly, a challenge
to lay my secrets to its soil.
Inhabit this place.

copyright: Allan Rae
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