Poetry By Blue Feather

Walking pencils and dancing minds
that’s what I see always in you
your wit kills and your heart inspires
we’re clays waiting to be mold by you

Your talents and all inspires all
you made me feel that I am existing
like the moon exists in the daylight
and stars that shine in my ceiling

You helped me find my way to things
and all the ways I’ll walk through soon
you touched my life like a mother did to me
thank you for all, as you’re the star in the sky.

I am a part of the LGBTQ. I wrote these poems in 2016 and 2017. I called this collection “Blue Feather” just like my Pen Name.
I write sad poems and inspirational poems that makes me a Blue Feather, a sad feather, a unique feather.
My inspiration in these poems are mostly my personal experiences and some are the issues in the world that I am very invested in.
My poems wants to be heard and the messages too. That’s all, thank you very much.
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