Morning on a Lake in the Mountains, Photography by Michail Shneider

White Feather’s Morning on a Lake in the Mountains

The ultimate in morning rituals

I slowly opened my eyes. There was a faint light coming in through the cabin window. The sun would be rising soon. I blessed the day then quietly sat up in bed dropping my feet down to the cabin floor. My beloved wolf-dog was instantaneously right there before me, her tail wagging furiously. I bent down, grabbed her head and kissed her right between the eyes.

So as to not wake the others in the cabin I very, very quietly proceeded to get dressed. My wolf-dog excitedly watched me dress and when I put on my tennis shoes her level of excitement rose. She knew that meant that I would be going outside. Standing up I searched for my hoodie. I could not see it anywhere but I finally I spotted it hanging on a hook on the front door of the cabin.

I softly walked to the front door and put on the hoodie. The wolf-dog had her nose to the crack in the door just waiting for me to open it. I looked around the cabin to see that all four females were still sound asleep then I opened the door. The wolf-dog was out of the cabin in a flash. I stepped out and quietly closed the door.

I walked towards the lake but I did not get far when I stopped and unzipped my jeans. I proceeded to urinate right there in the middle of nowhere. As I peed I looked to my right and saw that my wolf-dog was doing the same thing. There is something intensely satisfying about peeing out in nature with one’s dog. I cannot explain it. Perhaps it’s a guy thing.

Zipped back up, I began walking again towards the lake. I looked back to see that my wolf-dog was now sniffing my pee (maybe to make sure I was still healthy and still me). She then bolted into a full-throttle run. She ran past me then arched into a circle running back behind me then back around in front of me. I called out to her, “Go have fun!”

She began running at full speed along the shore of the beautiful mountain lake for some time until she suddenly veered off and disappeared into the forest. I was so happy for her that she could have her morning run out in nature instead of in our tiny backyard back home. But I also prayed that she would not come back with some dead animal in her mouth. She did that sometimes. She was, after all, part wolf.

I finally reached the very edge of the lake. I suddenly realized how nippy it was and zipped up my hoodie. Despite it being early September, this lake was situated at 8700 feet in altitude high up in the Rocky Mountains. And the sun had not yet risen.

I looked around me in all directions. The lake was surrounded by mountains on almost all sides. There was just one small stretch of horizon to the east that had no mountains. This is where the small alpine valley that held the lake opened up and drained down the mountains. The stretch of mountain-less horizon was actually quite small. But it was very important to me.

I wanted to view the sunrise but I did not want to view it rising over mountains. I wanted to greet it as it rose over that short stretch of flat horizon. This was optimal for my sunrise ceremony.

I realized that for there to be an uninterrupted straight line between me, the lake, the flat horizon and the rising sun I needed to walk to my right along the shore of the lake for about a hundred yards and so I walked in that direction. As I walked I stared out over the tranquil lake and found myself slipping into a deep state of peace and relaxation.

I have always been drawn to ponds and lakes and any body of water but this high mountain lake was truly special because it was out in the wilderness away from civilization. The land was as pristine as could be found.

I finally reached a spot where I stopped and turned to face the lake. Looking across the lake I could see from the quickly brightening sky above that short stretch of flat horizon that the sun was only moments away from rising. I tore off my hoodie and threw it on the ground. I stepped up to where my feet were just about a foot away from the water. With feet about a foot and a half apart, I stood as erect as could facing the imminent sunrise. I took some deep breaths then lifted my forearms to where they were at a 45 degree angle away from my body with the palms of my hands open and facing upward.

Then I visualized small circles of white light spinning furiously in the palms of my hands. The more I concentrated on that, the faster the circles of white light spun. Those two spinning circles in the palms of my hand along with my third eye in the middle of my forehead formed a triangle. In the middle of that triangle was my heart. As I strongly felt that triangle my vibrations began increasing tremendously. I could feel my body almost imperceptibly sway back and forth from the intense electricity racing throughout my body. My vibrations were as high as I had ever been able to muster them.

Without blinking and with my mind completely devoid of any and all thoughts I stared straight ahead as the sun poked its blazing head above the horizon. Because of my vantage point it looked like the sun was rising directly out of the lake! The male sun and the female water were separating. I could very deeply feel those opposing yet complementary forces in all their glory.

With a blank mind I continued staring directly into the sun as it rose above the horizon. The powerful healing forces of sunlight poured into my eyeballs, nourishing my mind, body and spirit. I continued staring into the sun until it was a little more than halfway above the horizon at which point I mentally proclaimed, “I bless this day!”

I then quickly averted my eyes. To stare into the sun any longer than that could have been dangerous. It is only at the very first few seconds of sunrise or the very last few seconds of sunset that we can look at the sun and allow it to nourish and empower us.

I looked around, allowing my eyes to adjust to normal brightness. The intense vibrations coursing through my body slowly diminished. I bent down to retrieve my hoodie and shake the sand off of it. And that is when I suddenly noticed that about fifty yards away was a great blue heron standing in the water of the lake just a few feet off the shore. It was just standing there staring at me.

I mentally sent it some love and blessed it and thanked it. And then, with hoodie in hand, I began walking along the shore of the lake back to where the cabin was.

When I reached the little “beach” in front of the cabin I realized that my wolf-dog was nowhere to be seen. I was about to call out her name but remembered that I did not want to wake the females asleep in the cabin. So I closed my mind and visualized her face and called her silently in my mind. That almost always worked.

Sure enough, within a minute she came bounding out of the forest running towards me. Thankfully, she did not have a dead animal in her mouth.

We greeted each other then I sat down cross-legged in the soft sand just a few feet away from the water of the lake. My darling wolf-dog immediately sat down on her haunches right next to me (so close that she was actually pushing up against me). I put my arms around her and kissed her hairy cheek.

She was panting furiously. She obviously had a good run. I wondered if her morning experience beside a mountain lake was as joyous as mine was.

We sat there together for a very long time just looking out over the incredible beauty of the tranquil lake and the trees surrounding the lake and the mountains surrounding the lake and at the resident waterfowl who were quickly becoming very active and vocal.

It was without a doubt the best morning beside a mountain lake I have ever experienced. I found myself becoming one with not only my doggie but with the lake itself.

Eventually, I heard a door open. I turned around to look towards the cabin. My twelve-year-old daughter was exiting the cabin while putting on her jacket and zipping it up. The wolf-dog immediately ran towards her to greet her.

I watched my girl walk towards me, the wolf-dog rubbing against her leg as she tried to walk. When she finally reached me I stood up.

With her hand above her eyes to shield them from the brightness she spoke, “Dad, what the heck are you doing out here so early?”

“So early? Hey, we’ve been out here for the last hour. You missed one heck of a sunrise.”

“Sunrise? Oh, god!” She then covered her eyes with her hand. Removing her hand, she continued, “So what are we gonna do today?”

“Well, you know that place at the entrance to this little valley that we passed yesterday? They rent canoes. I thought maybe we would rent a couple of canoes and go canoeing on the lake.”

“What about Grandma and her bad knee? Will she be able to sit in a canoe?”

“Well, maybe if she can’t we can rent a bigger boat or something. Doesn’t that sound exciting to go out onto this beautiful lake?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“So is your Grandma, your aunt and your mother up yet?”

“Yeah, they’re getting dressed and stuff.”

There I was up at a gorgeous mountain lake with five females — four human and one canine. I suddenly remembered the male sun rising above the female water of the lake. I realized that I needed to rise and shine and somehow provide a memorable day of intense fun for my females.

I put my arm around my daughter, turning her around and heading her back towards the cabin.

After a few steps she asked, “So what’s for breakfast?”

I stopped and laughed uproariously, “Oh honey, you are just so wonderful! I just love you to pieces!”

She looked at me like I was halfway cuckoo.

“You know, next to that place that rents canoes there is a little diner. Maybe we can go there for breakfast.”

After a few silent steps she spoke up, “Okay, but I want pancakes and syrup and sausage.”

Without breaking stride I laughed again then replied, “As you wish.” That was a little secret code phrase that I used with her a lot. It came from the movie, The Princess Bride, which my daughter had watched a thousand times.

She looked at me and smiled. She then put her arm around me and together we walked with our arms around each other back to the cabin, the wolf-dog running circles around us the whole way.

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