Meraki + Exposure : Presence Analytics for events.

When we first started building the Exposure presence analytics platform we only had one way of acquiring data, from our own sensors. Even though we spent time making the process as simple as possible it still required network engineers to deploy them on site.

What if we acquired data by connecting with existing WiFi infrastructure?

Removing the need to roll hardware or personnel is a huge cost saving for everyone involved.

Our first integration? Cisco Meraki’s CMX platform.

Cisco acquired meraki a number of years ago, primarily as they were the first WiFi vendor to truly embrace cloud based management. The advantage of a cloud based strategy meant that sensor data from the WiFi Access Points deployed in the field came back to a central location. Allowing meraki to create basic presence analytics.

Cisco Meraki CMX Presence Analytics

The CMX API allows Exposure to connect with any meraki networks and begin acquiring sensor data within a few minutes.

What does Exposure do that CMX can’t?

While CMX is a really useful tool there aren’t many configuration options. What CMX classes as ‘engagement’ is based on static rules whereas Exposure can be customised for each event.


Meraki CMX
A passerby is any device detected by the access point at any distance.
An engaged ‘visit’ is any device detected for longer than 5 minutes in a 20 minute rolling window at close range. (link to Cisco Whitepaper on CMX)

A passerby is any device detected up to a customisable range in metres.
An engaged ‘visit’ is any device detected within a customisable range between 1 and 20 metres for a customisable duration in seconds.

Following successful trials of our integration at the Event Marketing Summit 2015 in San Francisco we were ‘Event Ready’.

Our first client used the solution on a touring activation to drive sales of premium white goods through their UK retail chain.

Engaged Visit data from the Activation

Exposure acquired raw data via the Meraki CMX API which was then analysed against the client’s custom parameters “An engaged visit is anyone detected within 3m range for 30 seconds or longer”.

As well as using the meraki to acquire sensor data the client also ran a coupon promotion using our social hotspot technology. Visitors were encouraged to log in to the WiFi hotspot using their social credentials (facebook/twitter/email) in order to receive a digital voucher.

This allowed further analysis of visitors using demographic data.

Not only can the client monitor the ‘thin red thread’ of customer experience from a very early stage, they are also able to understand who the activation resonates with best and compare to their original KPIs.

The biggest test of our integration, and the whole Exposure platform, came from our friends in the USA, TOURtech.

A last minute decision had been made to offer WiFi access to visitors at the Made In America Festival held in Philadelphia. TOURtech, as the primary supplier of communication services to the event deployed Cisco Meraki WiFi across the venue to support this.

Within 24 hours of first discussions taking place we had configured the link between TOURtech’s Meraki system and Exposure and at show opening were able to provide live data on visitor movement across the venue.

Exposure Heatmap Data for Made in America Festival

As well as providing site wide analytics we were also able to provide detailed engagement metrics for critical, revenue generating areas such as food trucks and the all important merchandise tent.

With approx 70% of the 96,000 strong crowd having WiFi enabled on their devices we were able to deliver very high resolution data. This also meant that at peak hours we were receiving over 500,000 database entries an hour via the CMX API. Both the Cisco Meraki and Exposure cloud platforms performed exceptionally well.

We know that integration is the key to success of marketing technology.

For Exposure that means integration with more WiFi platforms which delivers increased data acquisition opporunities. We are aklso working on increasing functionality within our external API to allow sharing of data with third party platforms such as Tableau, Oracle Eloqua, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Marketo and more….

Watch this space…….