#FEATURE | PSHS Urban Legends: Fact or Fiction

By Toby Maningas

‘Sorry ah, may third eye kasi ako so habang nag-aaral tayo may mga spirits na umiikot sa kama natin…’

The former Front Lobby of PSHS-MC. Photo by Lance Michael Ang,

Philippine Science High School seems like your average high school, but is there something more supernatural happening deep within?

Today we uncover the myths and urban legends surrounding this 54-year-old school and confirm them as fact or fiction; take this as your warning, dear reader, and tread with caution as you read.

The Day Lightning Struck

The PSHS field. Photo by Kaira Balcos

The field is one of the school’s most recognizable places, and is used by students on a daily basis. But, this prominent landmark wasn’t always exactly what it appears to be now.

A few years back, two best friends were walking on the field on a rainy day. Everything seemed fine as walking on the field while raining. But things went awry for the pair as they both got struck by lightning and eventually died.

When asked about the urban legend, Sir Rey Baguio, Pisay alumnus from Batch 2000 and now of the Integrated Science (IS) unit, retold, “The best friends who got stuck in the rain and got hit by lightning. That’s for sure na meron yun,

The effects of this event are seen to this day.“That’s why we have a large lightning rod beside the grandstand. That’s one of the reasons daw why we have that,” said Sir Baguio.

“That’s why we aren’t allowed to use the field at the slightest instance na may thunderstorms,” added Sir Fortunato Tacubo, another Pisay alumnus from batch 1994 and a current math teacher.

This legend was confirmed to be fact as recounted by Sir Baguio. However, that may not have really been the case.

Yung details noon, syempre urban legend na yun [and] yung circumstances ng pagkamatay nila,” shared Sir Tacuboy.

The Third Eyed Dormer

The dormitories are another place in the school that a lot of students call home, but there are people who claim that there is more to the dorm than meets the eye.

One of the stories starts off with three dormers gathering in their room to review for their upcoming periodical exams. The situation was normal at first, but suddenly one of the dormers left the room saying she had to go to another room to study.

The next day, the dormer who left approached the two other dormers who studied with her. She later told them that she has a third eye, and that she saw spirits circling their bed as they studied that night.

When asked about the legend, Sir Mardan Llanura of the Math Unit and of Batch 2000 confirmed it, commenting, “May mga students na nagkwento na meron silang classmate or roommate na may third eye.”

The Basketball Playing Teenager

The gym is one of the structures all students are familiar with. However, the place where it stands wasn’t always the gym we know.

Before the gym was built, there was a creek that stood in its place, and near this creek was where a teenager, commonly referred to as “Boy”, played basketball. As he was playing one time, his ball went out of bounds and he tripped running after it. He fell into the creek and died.

His death did not stop him from coming to school, though. He could be still seen whenever the light and the dark fight for dominance whenever it rains. His silhouette is distinct as you could immediately recognize his hair standing up.

The PSHS Pool
Pisay’s swimming pool. Photo by Janine Liwanag

Swimming for PE is a constant for your first four years in the school. It is something most students have already experienced.

Imagine after swimming for a while, you slow down since you got tired. Then you see it: A silhouette staring at you and watching. Sir Tolits Englatera of the Health Unit explained, “May isang swimmer na lumalangoy siya kaya yung pacing niya mabagal kasi akala niya may sumusunod sa kanya. Nung ni-report namin sa dating [Human Resources] yung story niya, sabi niya na yung nakikita namin siya yung namatay sa creek. Na-confirm namin na siya yung nanonood samin.”

Sir Englatera Legends

Looking for other sources on urban legends in the school, everybody that was asked pointed to Sir Englatera. When asked about his knowledge on them, he had so much to share. Here are the Sir Englatera Legends; read them, if you dare.

Sa may Guidance, may babae na nagpapakita diyan na lumulutang. Kulay blue yung suot niyang uniform,” said Sir Englatera.

Meron din tayo sa faculty center may naglalakad na nakaheels pero walang tao,” he continued.

Sa [third floor] AVR natin, may nangongopya ng boses ng mga personnel, which is si Sir Arnel. There was a time na magbabalik ako ng unit ng LCD projector. Sabi ko na babalik ko sabi naman niya na iwan ko lang doon sa AVR. Tapos paglabas ko ng room galing siya sa baba bumili siya ng ulam,” he recounted.

Sa ASTB may boy na nakikita siya ng ibang delegates ng Pisay Teach before. Maraming tigalabas dati na nagtatanong ‘Sir, may nangyari ba dito before kasi may nakita po kaming bata na bloody sa spiral na stairs,’” shared Sir Englatera.

His final story was in the Humanities Faculty, recounting that, “Dito [Humanities Faculty] may nagaalarm na clock na hindi mo alam kung saan siya nagsimula pero di siya namamatay. Pag pinuntahan mo yung source ng sound magiiba siya bigla ng location.”

The Truth Behind the Legends

“A lot of [these urban legends], we created on our own,” said Sir Baguio about the origins of the Pisay urban legends.

“We used to think there was a war going on behind the dorm. It was found out there was a movie shooting at the wildlife. A lot of it we made on or own like the food of the canteen turning alive and walking but that’s all just jokes for us,” explained Sir Baguio.

Urban legends are present in our community and continue to be shared every day. Though most differ in origin and in context, it is up to the reader to decide whether these stories or any like stories are truly just a legend or if it is pure fact.

DISCLAIMER: This article was written last S.Y. (S.Y. 2018–2019)



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