New & returning teachers: Biology Unit

We’ll be taking a look at Pisay’s new and returning teachers for the school year 2016–2017 over the next few weeks! In our fourth part of the series, we’ll get to know the four new teachers of the Biology unit.

Full name: Ralph Sacramento Hipolito

Birthday: May 24, 1986

Hometown: Concepcion, Tarlac

College degree & school: BS Biology, UP Baguio; MS Microbio, UP Diliman

Motto: “Keep on chasing your dream.”

Theme song: Ikaw by Yeng Constantino (“Theme song namin ni Ma’am Cornes.”)

Best feature: Height

Why teach at Pisay: I’ve always wanted to teach when I was in college; alam ko na gusto ko na magturo. And then, sabi ko, if I teach in college, or if I’d be able to teach in high school, sabi ko na mas maganda na matuto akong magturo sa high school kaysa sa college kasi mas magiging tutok ako. At feeling ko, mas magiging magaling ako sa pagtuturo dahil talagang tutok eh, as compared to college. Walang hold sa’yo yung student kung hindi man sila ganun katutok.

Top 3 qualities of a Pisay student: Honest, always exercising academic excellence (“Napakacompetitive ninyo.”), good speakers

Are you struggling with anything right now? Siguro ano, I’m still adjusting with the culture of the Main Campus. [Sir Hipolito was previously a teacher at the Bicol Region campus.] Although we are under one system, may differences pa rin sa kultura ng regional campus as compared to [here].

What makes you happy? When I sing. And, when I see students smiling whenever I teach.

If not Biology, what subject would you want to teach? Chemistry. Kumpara sa mga ibang sciences kasi, ito yung mas nakikita kong may connection sa Bio. So, ganun siguro. Mas nadidiscuss ko yung mga biological lessons whenever alam ko yung chemistry, so mas related sila. Pero sana magaling ako sa math, kung pwede lang, math rin gusto kong ituro.

If you can change something about yourself, what would it be? Siguro, if I can be more organized, systematic, and if I could reduce mañana habits.

What advice can you give Pisay students? As Pisay students, you should know that you have this great challenge of pursuing excellence. And, siguro ano, wag niyo masyado dibdibin yung challenge na yun sa inyo. Try to still enjoy your stay in Pisay. Because if you enjoy your stay in Pisay, I think you’ll do better. And wag masyado ma-pressure.”

Full name: Christian M. Abagat

Birthday: November 23, 1991

Hometown: South Cotabato, Mindanao

College degree & school: BS Biology, UP Visayas

Motto: “Be the best that you can be.”

Best Feature: I guess I’m fun to be with. When I’m with other people, we just laugh all the time.

Why teach at Pisay: I wanted to give it a try because it’s a good school. I was looking for an institution that would help me learn and grow as a person.

Top 3 qualities of a Pisay student: Pisay students are academically excellent, really talented, and each student is full of surprises. There’s always lots to discover about them.

What were you like in high school? I was the guy who went to the library every lunch time. I was recognized for being the most active in the library in my class! I was smart and diligent and I loved science.

What’s your favorite TV show? Breaking Bad.

What inspires you? Pwede myself? Joke. My family, of course.

Do you like pineapples on your pizza? OK lang sa akin, yes.

Full name: Rieziel Ann D. Bernal

Birthday: September 7

Hometown: Imus, Cavite

College degree & school: BS Biology, UP Diliman; MS Biology, UP Diliman

Motto: “It’s not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.” — Edmund Hillary

Best feature: People person

Why teach at Pisay: I wanted to try teaching high school — I’ve been teaching college for the past two years.

Pak or ganern: Pak, tama na agad.

Favorite food: Sansrival

If you were a cactus, why? The cactus can adjust to the harsh environment to be functional.

Full name: Johanna Cuyno Munar

Birthday: July 20, 1991

Hometown: Caloocan City

College degree & school: BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Motto: “Just keep swimming.”

Theme song: Brave by Sara Bareilles

Best feature: Buhok

Why teach at Pisay: Kasi pangarap ko magturo, that’s one. Pangalawa, I think yung degree ko, best fit siya for [the Pisay curriculum].

Top 3 qualities of a Pisay student: Resourceful, “a lot of you don’t know when to quit (when you keep on trying)”, “they always give their best

Are you struggling with anything right now? I’m struggling as a new teacher! (laughs) Kasi ano, coming from a research background, tapos to a classroom setting. So, the transition itself is challenging for me.

What makes you happy? Food makes me happy. And I think the fact that I’m doing the type of work that I’ve always wanted to do, masaya rin ako roon. Saka nasa field ako na ano eh, na love ko ever since.

If not Biology, what subject would you want to teach? Chemistry. Siguro among all the other sciences yun yung closest to Bio tsaka nandun din yung, in terms of strength, parang nandun din.

If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? Height. Helpful maging matangkad, although masaya rin naman maging maliit. May pros and cons. So kung meron akong babaguhin, I’d add a little more height.

What advice can you give Pisay students? Learn to be resilient. Parang ano, yung resilient kasi - it’s not just about being strong. It’s knowing when to take a break, when to ask for help from other people, and it’s also knowing not to quit and when to quit. Tapos, part rin kasi ng being resilient is that when given a challenge and if you fail, you know how to recover from that failure.

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