New & returning teachers: Physics Unit

We’ll be taking a look at Pisay’s new and returning teachers for the school year 2016–2017 over the next few weeks! We’ll be taking a look at the lives of the three new teachers of the Physics unit.

Full name: Justin I. Alvarez

Birthday: October 14

Hometown: Pasig

College degree & school: BS Physics, UP Diliman

Motto:Di bale nang tamad, di naman pagod.

Theme song: Hall of Fame by The Script

Best feature: I’m only a simple human with simple dreams.

Why teach at Pisay: Less stress (I think?)

Top 3 qualities of a Pisay student: Intelligent, hardworking, critical thinker

If you were a tree, why? Ha? Why would I want to be a tree! Nasa isang lugar lang ako at nakatayo. I want to travel. Explore the world! Kaso walang budget. Hahaha!

What do you have? I have nothing…nothing…nothing if to I don’t have you.

Full name: Sherlyn A. Alejo

Birthday: November 21, 1980

Hometown: Maydolong, Eastern Samar

College degree & school: BSE, major in Physics, Philippine Normal University; masters, Ateneo de Manila University (scholarship)

Motto: “The right thing to do is doing the right thing.

Theme song: Anything by The Carpenters

Best Feature: My eyes

Why teach at Pisay? It has been a dream for me to experience teaching Grade A students. To get some experience, knowledge skills and strategic ways to teach students.

Top 3 qualities as a student: Inquisitive, Active participant in class, Hindi mahirap turuan

If you were a tree, why? Fruitful.

Hobbies: Pray the rosary.

Full name: John Raymond P. Pinol

Birthday: June 14, 1986

Hometown: Quezon City

College degree & school: BS, major in Physics, minor in Math, UP Diliman

Best Feature: Easy to talk to

Why teach at Pisay? Kasi magaling daw estudyante.

Top qualities of a Pisay student: Confident, speaks his/her mind

How many years have you been teaching? Did you teach anything else aside from Physics? [I’ve] actually teaching for 1 year but [I have] been in the education industry for 4 years [in] research education.

Favorite topic in Physics: Everything.

Hobbies: Sleeping and basketball

How does your hairstyle reflect your personality? On his last year taking up his masters, he decided to grow his hair out until he graduated. But he got delayed and was about to teach in Pisay so he decided to have his hair cut already. The uncut part was left to serve as a reminder that he has to graduate.

Greatest strength and weakness: Strength: It depends on the students. [I am] still unsure because [I have] only been teaching for a short amount of time, so [I am] still learning. Weakness: [I used] to get angry easily.

How do you find teaching? Nakakapagod magturo, mostly the preparation part of teaching. Masaya, pero nakakapagod.

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