Returning Teachers: Research Unit

This academic year, we welcome a new addition to the Research faculty unit! Get to know Sir Ingeniero.

Sir Riel Ingeniero

“Definitely three,” Responded Sir Riel Ingeniero from the Research Unit when asked what his favorite electric fan number was. An alumnus from Philippine Science High School (PSHS) Western Visayas Campus, he found his way in Manila to offer the experiences and knowledge he had acquired in his past years of learning.

Teaching for his first year in PSHS Main Campus, he stated that his defining trait as a teacher is something that he is yet to discover.

Though the school system offers opportunities to students who are gifted in science and technology, he immediately answered, “our theatre plays” when asked about his best experiences as a high school student.

His had a first impression that it was hard for students to keep up with the pressure and expectations heaved on them, but followed up shortly with a “… pero kakayanin.” With first-hand experience about the hardships that scholars have to go through, he said that he expects the students to produce excellent outputs. But by this expectation, he too, has to give his utmost best to cultivate his students’ abilities.

He finished his primary education in Aklan Learning center, high school in PSHS-WVC, college in Ateneo de Manila University, and his masters in Belgium. He then proudly stated that his parents are his greatest sources of inspiration.

When informed that the article was to transition to a more personal theme, he let out quite a laugh and then prepared himself for the next questions. His current relationship status is single, and when asked who his co-teacher crush was, he responded with another little laugh.