Team Bio tops 23rd Annual Biosciences Quiz Bee

(L-R) Awitan, Nuñez, and Gaw stand proud with their first place award. Photo by Sir Christian Abagat.

Pisay’s Team Bio bagged first place in the 23rd Annual Biosciences Quiz Bee held by the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society (MBBS) of the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) last September 17.

Team Bio competed in two teams of three. Team A consisted of Samantha Gaw (11-B), Gabriel Erwin Awitan (11-A), and Kristine Bernadette Nuñez (10-Tau), while Team B consisted of Clare Therese Gascon (11-G), Juan Paulo Ortiz (11-A), and John Daniel Regala (11-Tau). They competed against 39 other schools and were accompanied by their adviser, Sir Christian Abagat.

(L-R) Nuñez, Regala, Gascon, Ortiz, Awitan, and Gaw before the quiz bee. Photo by Sir Christian Abagat.

The elimination round was comprised of an individual 75-item written examination on topics from Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Earth Science. Nuñez achieved the highest score in this round, and Awitan tied with another student for second highest scorer. Scores for each team were averaged to find the top 25 teams, and both Teams A and B moved on to the semi-final round.

The semi-final round had questions of the same topics but were now answered in teams, and the top ten teams by the end of the round moved on to the finals. Once again, both Teams A and B succeeded in moving on.

The topic changed in the final round and focused on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBB). Aside from regular questions, this round had do-or-die questions in which a team was automatically eliminated if they gave a wrong answer. Both teams were doing well up until the last do-or-die question, where Team B came out unsuccessful. Team A finished with the highest score among the three surviving teams, and Gaw, Awitan, and Nuñez were crowned champions.

Awitan emphasized that teamwork was a big factor in their win. “We would not have won if we didn’t review together…[A] lot of the things we talked about — even the final do-or die question — came up in the contest.”

It was also necessary for the teams to review together to help the Grade 10 students, who have yet to take up MBB. “Teamwork was [very] useful. Kasi, for example, the lower years had no background pa on MBB beforehand, but right before we left for the contest, [Gaw] gave them a crash course on Central Dogma and Biotechnology,” Awitan said.

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