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10 Raksha Bandhan gifts to make your sister smile!

“They fight and tease each other,

They laugh and cry together.

But their bond becomes strong further,

Yes, they are sister and brother.”

No matter how much they fight and argue with each other, the bond they share is incomparable! The relationship between a brother and sister is simply unique and beyond description. Though every day is a celebration when we are with our family, ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is dedicated to the sibling’s love.

This marvelous festival marks their love, and adds a pinch of affection in their life. Since you have troubled each other countless times, here’s a day to celebrate each other and let them know, that yes- your presence matters!

When we talk about gifts, it doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. Give your sister something small, but valuable to make this celebration more memorable. This pandemic has already seen anxiety levels rising, so why not add some color in the life of our loved ones, through this pleasant gesture? Go through these Rakhi gifts that you can gift to your sister to make her smile.

1. Chocolate cravings

Picture Credit: Gift Across India

Chocolates always top the list, no matter what. They’re enough to make eyes glitter and mouths water. Gifting chocolates to your sister can make her ecstatic. No thanks to chocolates- said no human ever.

As we know, any Indian celebration is incomplete without ‘meetha’, so why not this? If she has a sweet tooth, buy her a pack of Cadbury Celebrations or other boxes of chocolates. The market is full of varieties of chocolates to impress your sister. This sweetness will always remain.

Go grab the sweet token of love for your love.

2. Useful Dresses

Picture Credit: The Spruce

You might have heard girls saying, “I have nothing to wear”, even though their wardrobe remains full of clothes.

Well, you can help out her shortage of dresses by gifting her some. This will make her jump with joy and will be useful for her as well. This is something that every girl admires. There are a lot of options in dresses available online. Girls no doubt obsess over dresses. They just love to dress up differently and flaunt on various occasions.

Now is the time to impress your sister with her favorite attire on this beautiful occasion.

3. Cosmetics

Needless to say, girls and cosmetics cannot be separated. Every girl likes to have cosmetics in her wardrobe. It gives her a certain kind of high! So gift her some cosmetics, as they can’t resist beauty products.

There are a plethora of options available, all you have to do is to decide what to give. Why not try nail-paints of different shades?

Cosmetics don’t always mean expensive products. You can also include some skincare products on the list. Even enchanting perfumes can serve your purpose.

So, let’s add some more cosmetic products to your sister’s makeup kit.

4. Classic Accessories

Picture Credit: We Heart It

Girls always like pairing accessories with dresses. Accessories are a must to complement attires. The best part is, you have massive options!

Jewelry is a go-to. You have plenty of things to buy for her starting from Jhumkas, earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces, and many more.

Try your hand on handbags and purses. You can also gift her footwear. Sunglasses are preferred too. Watches are something very useful and always used extensively.

Add some memorable accessories in your sister’s wardrobe and let her flaunt away!

5. Fantastic Flowers

Yes, it may sound a little unusual, but girls just love flowers! Though it’s ephemeral, of course, you can give her a bouquet to make her smile. These beautiful flowers symbolize the eternal bond between a sister and her brother. Moreover, their tenderness, bright colors, and freshness are refreshing.

Just as the flower has luring beauty and an amazing aroma, similarly the relationship siblings share will remain perpetual. Most girls love flowers as they believe, flowers reflect who they are. Give her a bunch of fresh flowers and see her precious smile.

Flowers make them feel special and this is what they want on their day.

6. Attractive Toys

Picture Credit: My Flower Tree

If you have a cute little sister then you can surprise her with some toys. Kids are fond of toys. You will find an enormous amount of toys based on the age group you are looking for.

Apart from toys, you may gift her some games. There are many mind games available to sharpen kids’ memories. Buy her a game, and take out some time to play with her.

This fact is not hidden from anyone, that even big girls love soft toys. They like decorating their room with cute teddy bears. You may give her a combination of flowers and a teddy bear. It’s a guarantee you will see her happy face with these soft toys.

This is a very cute and amiable gift one could give!

7. Creative Stationery

Picture Credit: Shutter stock

Some girls also love aesthetic stationery. It includes stuff from pens and markers to books and diaries. If your sister loves painting, give her some cool colors or paintbrushes. You can purchase cute stationery sets online. If she is into writing, you can gift her attractive note pads, journals, and dairies. This will awake her creative insight and love for art.

If she enjoys reading, then a book is the best option. There is no gift better than a book. As it is said, books are man’s best friends.

Bring out the hidden creativity in your sister through this dazzling stationery.

8. Gadgets

Picture Credit: ABC News

Everyone admires gadgets! This is the generation of gadgets. They are something she will adore. We can’t defy ourselves from gadgets and our life revolves around them. So, these will be handy and useful.

Smart health bands and intelligent wristwatches of different brands are available. If your sister is health conscious, then an activity- tracker would be great. She can track her fitness levels, and will love it for sure! Apart from this, an iPad, iPhone, iPod, headphones, mobile, speakers- the list is endless.

Accept it or not, the presence of gadgets adds us with new perspectives to explore and learn.

9. Money as Shagun

Picture Credit: Shagun Envelops

Even if you are still flummoxed about the gifts, there is an idea. This one includes you giving her your pocket money or savings. Your sister can buy anything she wants with this.

There is no need to give a mammoth amount of money. Even a small amount is enough for you to express yourself. Shagun is also a part of the ritual and can solve your ambivalence regarding choosing gifts.

Let her choose what she wants.

10. Photo Frames and Mugs

Picture Credit: Wisholize

There are so many striking gifts to give to your sister. What can be better than a photo frame? This is an ideal gift that never goes out of fashion. She can put a picture in the frame and it will always be memorable.

A personalized coffee mug having her picture is a preferred choice.

Who doesn't love decorating their houses? Any decorative pieces for her room will be a great addition. Idols, artificial plants, paintings, wall hangings, and so many more decor options!

Above all, gift your precious time to your sister, as this is what everyone is craving for. In this hectic life, we forget to spend some valuable time with our loved ones. It’s imperative to make her feel that you are always there for her.

Make your Raksha Bandhan memorable with these gifts.



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