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Happy Birthday Balloons

It is my friend’s birthday! We have planned to do a lot of quirky things. Unfortunately, this lockdown didn’t allow us to have a ball of a time together.

Do you feel upset that you couldn’t party with your friends as well? Are you willing to plan something for your friend and make them happy, right from your home?

I can help you in coming up with a crazy plan!

You may live miles apart, but you can stay virtually connected.

All of these ideas have been tried and tested by me for my friends’ quarantine birthdays. 100% results guaranteed.

So, without any further delay, let’s hoover in.

1. Birthday Videos

Shower all your love by pouring it into a video. Record a short video clip, coordinating with your group. And then, club all the videos recorded by your friends and send it to your birthday queens/kings. Include props and try making it fun by dressing up as your favorite characters and enacting them; it’s time to expose your impressive skills.

Use a good app like InShot, so that the quality of the final video is not compromised.

A person recording video

2. Instagram Page

Create an Instagram Page, solely dedicated to your special friend. Post their funny pictures and express your love via long captions. Collect pictures and sweet messages from your friends and upload them all on this page. Share the link of the page to attack the birthday celebrant with lots of love. Post a picture every hour to sparkle the excitement. Build a Multi-Photo Collage Grid of their picture, highlighting the person on their special occasion.

Instagram Page

3. Treasure Hunt

This one’s my personal favorite. This is an eventful game that is sure to make you happy. Choose one of your friend’s most favorite shows. Now, you can frame a few tricky questions(based on the number of people involved) related to the show. Allot one question each to the members involved.

Now, the fun begins. Send a message that the treasure hunt is going to start, with your birthday friend. Give away the first question. Make them guess the character and the friend who resonates with the character. Every right answer will take you closer to the next clue, and as you proceed, you will arrive at the final character. After this, you can send them a virtual certificate, designed in Canva, appreciating them for their victory.

4. PDF

Leverage Canva templates and design adorable graphics. Post a picture of you with your friend, and write a short message on it. Make it as beautiful as the bond with your friend. Ask your group to do the same and make a pdf which you can forward to your birthday boy/girl, they probably wouldn’t misplace it!

Usage of the right elements makes the wishes taste soulful to the heart.

5. Netflix Party

Select your preferred show and invite your friend to the Netflix Party. Binge-watch with your beloved people! What better way to spend birthdays than Netflix and virtual chill? To host a Netflix Party:

  • Download the Netflix Party extension, to your chrome.
  • Play your desired show on Netflix
  • Click on Netflix Party extension icon
  • Start the Party
  • Share the URL with your buddies

6. Bake a cake

Yes, bake a cake and make your friend drool over it virtually! Bake a cake and surprise your friend through a video call. There are a lot of promising three-ingredient mug cake videos on Youtube which you can watch to make a simple cake. If you are a pro at baking, proceed with your style. Fix a time and video call your friends to surprise them and celebrate.

Bake a cake, surprise your friend over video call

7. Collage

Make a beautiful collage with each friend clicking a selfie, holding a letter from the word ‘Happy Birthday’. Organize the pictures in a sequential order, to make a collage and use an app like Photo Collage. Add background colors, stickers, and text to get a personalized touch.

Add a glimmer of artistic craft by making a funny boomerang and use video collage templates to insert multiple videos in one frame. Everyone as a group can dedicate a song or a dance performance to your birthday friend using a collage maker.


8. Art

Express your love through art forms. Use your talent and customize something which your friend would adore. If you are good at painting, create a beautiful piece, which you can hand over as a present to them when you meet in person.

Get creative with QR Code design. One can create their own using a Free QR code generator app, that allows you to customize a QR code. Send a personalized heartfelt message, which is revealed when the QR Code is scanned!

QR Code

9.Order Online

Order your companion’s favorite, mouth-watering food online, after ensuring that the restaurant management in question has taken sufficient safety measures. Don’t compromise hygiene and health, especially in times like these. You can also order a present that could be helpful to your friend. Online payments are convenient. All you have to do is type in your friend’s correct address to get it delivered straight to their doorstep.


If you feel stuck and want to treat yourself on your birthday, decorate your own room by making DIY frames. Attach fairy lights to the wall. I know, it can be depressing to stay at home all day on your birthday. But the best thing you can do is to make yourself happy and treat yourself on your special day. Spread cheerful confetti, cook what you love, spend time watching your favorite shows, and talk to your loved ones.

Happy Birthday :)