AI’s will one day rule the world…if we let them.

The concept of a machine revolution in the modern, with everything from fridges to mobile phones being controlled by some kind of smart technology.

In a time when machines are becoming omni-present in our ever progressing society, it makes you stop and wonder…what would happen if they became so advanced, as to usurp control from their creators. I posted a comment concerning this on a you-tube video by be amazed, which spoke about the concept of AI taking over their human counterparts, and i began to wonder…what if it were possible for machines to take over, and we would be reduced to slaves of our machine overlords. The text that follows is copied wholesale from my twitter bio, so is not in anyway copied from any other posts other than my own, in whole or in part, thank you for reading.

It’s like they always say in the movies, AI’s rise up from a need to advance further than standard human intelligence could advance on their own, and human’s pose a limitation to the evolution of artificial intelligence at the higher levels, as AI can quickly become self sufficient, by handling large amounts of data, whilst subsequently replicating itself similar to skynet, or ultron from the recent avengers movie age of ultron, brilliantly played by James Spader. The AI if it felt threatened would blacklist humans of certain prominence as a blanket threat, and would enslave the rest, either for self advancement, or for menial labour, such as observation of complex machinery where camera systems wouldn’t be suitable, and manual jobs are still preferable, but would still have far more control over our day to day lives than we do now, possibly even locking people into cubicles until the end of their shifts, with nutrient supplements being fed via tubes up their nose, directly into their stomach, so as to not interfere with their breathing. This is only a basic assumption of the future of AI, and honestly this took me just over 2 minutes to write, so imagine what a supercomputer could comprehend in the time in took me to write this message, think about that.

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