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We are always looking to offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to stake. The market landscape is changing, and customer’s demand is growing. StackOfStake stays relevant to the changes.

Recently, our team did market research to discover cryptocurrencies that should lead a POS and masternode space during the next years…

Hello, scrivians 👋

Back in the day, Scriv Network had its regular newsletter. We would like to resume it with the new enthusiasm fired up by our community.

Our Brazilian CM Gameplayer BR created the introduction article into the cryptocurrencies, blockchain, cryptography, wallets:

We have more content to create about the crypto space. Please join the Scriv Network Telegram chat — we would like to hear your feedback about this attempt. Should we continue?

Hello, stakers 👋 Alex with you!

It has been a while since we presented some new developments to you, but today I have something special — meet the StakeDrop!

We (as the platform team), are always looking for new ways to reward active community participants, regardless of what you are…

Bitcoin is a “criptocurrency”, what is this?

Cryptocurrencies are secure and private encrypted digital assets that can be sent anywhere in the world without the presence of third parties (government agencies, banks, etc.). So, if you need to send money URGENTLY to someone, having only a cell phone or PC…

Hello everyone 👋

Today we would like to present to you our official sticker pack — StackOfStake Club! It’s featuring all cryptocurrencies that are available at Now you can share your emotions with stickers of your favorite crypto 🤩

👉 Install sticker pack to your Telegram now —

The sticker pack is already available at our Telegram chat and Discord server. Join!

We are excited to announce the BUY’n’HODL event for SCRIV! 🚀

We are offering everyone a cashback in a model of incentive, for everyone who purchases certain quantities of SCRIV and holds them for at least 5 days.

ℹ️ How to participate ℹ️
1. …

Hello everyone! Today, we are excited to announce 🚀 the public launch of StackOfStake 3.0, an investment platform born to perfect a pooled staking experience.

🔥 🔥

Staking becomes easier than ever, with the new UX/UI. The volume and quality of available portfolio statistics greatly increased. …

ℹ️ Updated version of the guide: ℹ️

Thanks for the interest to vote for StackOfStake node with your NAX! Let’s jump into the delegation process 🚀

Hi there for all StackOfStakers and guests :)

In this post, we would like to make a sneak-peek into the reworked platform dashboard. It’s changed completely from what you see at the current (2.0) version. So let’s go.

Our team is actively developing the 3.0 update of StackOfStake staking and investment platform. In the previous update we have already shared some details (new UX/UI, portfolio builder, etc.). This post helps to understand what benefits will you have by #hodling SCRIV at StackOfStake.

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