StackOfStake is joining Nebulas DPoS network as a validator node

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Dec 22, 2019 · 2 min read

The cryptocurrency technologies are evolving very fast. Not a long time since Proof-of-Work protocol was at the peak of popularity. Then we saw the dawn of Bitcoin-based Proof-of-Stake and masternode cryptocurrencies. And now, delegated Proof-of-Stake and DeFi are the hot topics.

The various implementations of DPoS protocol urge to be the most advanced, scalable, secure in the blockchain industry. We, at StackOfStake, would like to follow the wave of technological progress, expand our services and provide more options for earning passive income.

Becoming a Nebulas network validator

The first network StackOfStake is starting to validate will be Nebulas. From the beginning of 2020 Nebulas team is going to achieve the maximum network and community governance decentralization (see PoD Node Decentralization Strategy) by inviting the professional validators from all over the world. StackOfStake was invited to become one of validator organizations that will ensure the security, performance and reliability of Nebulas network.

It will be an exciting and useful experience for our organization. We can’t wait to join Nebulas nodes pool 🤩

What is Nebulas

Nebulas is an open-source, public blockchain focused on creating a true Autonomous Metanet. Nebulas’ focus utilizing on-chain data for users interactions and collaboration, and featuring technologies like Nebulas Rank, Developer Incentive Protocol, Nebulas Force, NextDAO.
Learn more at Nebulas wiki.


In January 2020 StackOfStake will start to validate Nebulas blockchain.

During Q1-Q2 2020 our team is planning to launch NAS (Nebulas cryptocurrency) staking pool, that will make the receiving Nebulas passive income as easy as for any other coin at the platform.

An additional research will be carried out to make NAX (the token of NextDAO powered by Nebulas) available source of passive income at our platform. StackOfStake is always finding the best way to maximize a staking profit!

What is StackOfStake

StackOfStake is a staking and masternode investment platform. The platform has 40+ coins listed and providing such advanced features as instant join, instant dividend compounding, instant withdraws, referral system and more. The platform is accessible via web, mobile apps or API.

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