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Jun 15 · 5 min read

Welcome to this weekly section for the large StackOfStake community and new investors who have come to our big family, day by day we manage to see how our service is growing in an area that we are one of the most stable platforms in the market, but already many people in our community have time working with us but really do not know the benefits that we give, unlike other conventional platforms, for today we will explain why StackOfStake makes a difference.

At the end of May, and is that we have something that many have tried to do but have not had any success. StackOfStake has become a boom for its two new mobile applications on the platforms of iOS and Android so it is a great benefit to have this because in a short time we have managed to do many more things that others have not been able. This without any doubt is a very important step for our project because it is undoubtedly a great benefit to our community. We will focus on why it is a great benefit to have those mobile applications and which are their cases of use. Thanks to this marvel that we have developed we can say successfully that you can generate passive income while you sleep and watch television for example because you know how amazing it is to see from your phone how you are generating income without doing anything?

Let’s start talking about possible cases of uses, but first why this is important for the industry of platforms for instant masternodes day by day we see how we usually spend hours and hours watching as the platforms of masternodes give us our rewards because we always want to have the right amount of coins acquired according to the percentage of ROI in which the currency is established or simply because we like to see every moment of the day how much we have been generating in our passive income. These applications have revolutionized the system because now you can see from anywhere your earnings and statistics. Imagine being on the train back home and see the updates of your share of coins or be in the gym doing physical exercise and while you review your passive income, what other platform offers this?

We will not talk about how to configure it since . You can make a deposit or withdrawals, or simply see the statistics scanning the QR code or with API keys. At the time of doing all the configuration you will see that our application has a lot of security and that for us it is important that all your information is protected from third parties who want to see things that should not be a great benefit that we care about your security so you will have to put a password of digits.

You will have a central panel very similar to the web version so we decided to do it this way so that the user has a comfortable experience of not feeling any change, you can have all the currencies listed according to your investment with daily weekly and monthly earnings which is a benefit to have this in an orderly manner. All this with the great help that you can see the current ROI and the price in BTC and USD for greater user comfort.

Once inside the currency that you have invested you can have a brief summary of the case of use of the currency this to help our young investors who want to know a little more about the currency but for the luck of the user will have a direct link to the website of the project and so you can see everything more deeply as you can see everything without much search since our approach is to provide the best experience within our application, in addition to all this you can see the current version according to its Github and the block that is currently found. If you want to withdraw or deposit you can also do it from the mobile application something that is very amazing because you do not need the computer at any time everything from the application.

Another of the great benefits of our mobile applications is that you will be able to see all the rewards that you are having either for your participation as well as to see the withdrawals and deposits, how comfortable it must be to be able to watch television while you review all your earnings of the day right?

For us it is important to be transparent with our users because we have a history of all dates that you can see the rewards, deposits and withdrawals framed by date so you can make your sums and see that we are transparent and that we provide the best service or just because you have been busy several days and have not followed the past days you can select from which day to which another day you want to see the rewards generated.

As you can see they are mobile applications that no other shared masternode platform has, we are revolution we are innovation, you think of all the benefits you can have using the StackOfStake mobile application? If you want to participate on your opinion you can do it directly in our large community of Discord or Telegram.

Thank you for reading!

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The SCRIV Network

We are creating the infrastructure services to equip cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors with powerful, convenient and the most universal tools.