Q3–Q4 2019 was the time of intense development and useful connections establishment for StackOfStake team. In this article, we would like to share some results of the work. This is a short overview of the 3.0 update, which is planned to be released during Q1-Q2 2020.

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Here are some core future features:

  • Completely new top-notch UX/UI — now the platform will have the modern and clean look, and also, there will be so much space to extend functionality!
  • Instant exchange of altcoins to BTC and vice-versa — this is a great addition that will help users to buy and sell coins without leaving the StackOfStake platform. We are aiming to provide deep liquidity and instant exchange. Working name — Express Trade.
  • Portfolio builder — investing in staking has never been so easy for the new investors! BTC deposit and few clicks — that all needed to start receiving passive income. We are eliminating many staking newcomers’ problems (low liquidity, portfolio selection, etc.). This feature will help to bring more “fresh blood” to our market.
  • Smart balancing — we have developed a special algorithm to track the profitability of each staking method of any single coin at our platform, finding the best ratio (POS/MN/zPOS) for the highest profitability. The algorithm will balance POS, masternodes and even private POS!
  • Premium subscription — this is a plan for advanced investors and data geeks. Its features include portfolio prediction, face-to-face projects’ comparison, detailed dividends stats, and more.
  • Utilities for SCRIV cryptocurrency — many of the platform users know, that StackOfStake is the part of the SCRIV NETWORK. And we will be happy to release two utilities for SCRIV — loyalty program (receive fee discount for hodling SCRIV) and Premium subscription discount.

This features list is not full. Our team is going to release a series of articles that will give a more detailed insight of that’s coming in the 3.0 update. So make sure to subscribe to our Medium and Twitter 😉

Another point of why we call 3.0 update important — is that we will start supporting DPoS cryptocurrencies. Our team has already announced that StackOfStake will become the validator in Nebulas network.

This is only the beginning of a staking era. There are many great projects: Tezos, EOS, Cosmos, Minter, etc., and even more are going to be released in the future. We are happy to participate in this exciting DPoS journey, and inviting our community to take part (even earn some interest also) 😁

Thanks to all our users and supporters!
It’s almost two years since StackOfStake 1.0 release. We have evolved from SCRIV-exclusive MVP to the platform with 5k+ users.
That’s all because of you.

Is it a lot for a small (crypto)startup? — Who knows.
Is it small for giants like Coinbase or Bitmain? — Yes, for sure, there is much room to grow!

2020 is promising to be 🔥 hot!

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StackOfStake is a staking and masternode investment platform. The platform has 40+ coins listed and providing such advanced features as instant join, instant dividend compounding, instant withdraws, referral system and more. The platform is accessible via web, mobile apps or API.

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