Summer isn’t Summer without a Summer Song

Look outside your windows folks, or literally step outside for two seconds, I’m sure you’ll notice that it’s summer. Summer makes us feel like we have no obligations and the world is full of nothing but fun, even though most of us still have plenty of obligations.

That being said, the one undisputed fact about summer is that people have a great time doing whatever it is they love without the worries of school or cold weather. However, summer can’t be summer without an anthem, a song that captures the spirit of summer and floods the mind with fond memories and emotions tied to the most wonderful season of the year. But how does one go about picking a summer anthem?

I’m delighted that you asked hypothetical reader that I’m imagining, let me lay it out for you:


Come on everybody, get creative, sure “Summer ‘16" is a typical Drake-song-that-no-one-is-crazy-about-but-listens-to-all-the-time-because-it-has-some-sort-of-relevant-context, but calling that your “summer anthem” is way too easy, go for something a little more subtle than straight out saying summer in the title

It needs to be your anthem, not everyone else’s

This song needs to be important to you, songs can bring totally different memories and feelings to you than it does to someone else, so pick one that’s yours, not just the one everyone is listening to

If you can’t roll down all your windows and turn it all the way up, it’s not the right song

This is a song that must be blared loud and proud, it doesn’t matter if everyone else hates it. If they’re beside you at a red light, they’re gonna listen to it and they’re gonna respect it *cue birdman joke*

Genre is key

I personally think Country and Hip-Hop make the best choices for summer songs. Country songs are just typically about summer and have that warm song that intertwines perfectly with the season, and hip-hop has the lively bounce that feels fun all the way around.

Finally, you must know every word and ad-lib, “yeah” “oh” and “woo!”

If you can’t recite literally every single word of this song from start to finish and yell it from the rooftops, it doesn’t deserve to be called an anthem.

My personal selections: *drum roll please*

This summer, I’m taking “Champions” by Kanye featuring every rapper ever, “He is the Same” by Jon Bellion, “Mixtape” By Chance the Rapper, and the curveball of the group, “Parachute” by Chris Stapleton.

Roll the windows down, turn the volume up and make everyone at the red light hear that it is, in fact, summertime.

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