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A Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Finding Freelance Clients on LinkedIn

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If freelance writing is on your list of possible second careers, here’s a quick and relatively painless way to do cold outreach to potential clients using LinkedIn.

Find the Right People

The good think about LinkedIn is that it gives you enough information about most people to turn a cold lead into a lukewarm one. Search for people using keywords that will help you find your perfect target (e.g. lawyers in Charlotte).

Scan their profiles for common ground or something they’ve done or published. Use that as an ice-breaker.

Send a Connection Request

The important part here is going to be the short message that goes with your connection request. Do NOT just send a connection request with no note.

Here’s a little template for the type of message you need. LinkedIn limits your characters in these messages so you have to keep it short and sweet.

Hi [First Name],
I came across your profile & noticed that you own a small law firm here in Charlotte. I’m a former law firm owner myself. Now I help small firms with websites & content.
Would you like to connect?
I help small law firms get more clients with elegant websites & engaging content

(Notice that I used a short, snappy tagline below my name that tells exactly what I do.)

After They Accept the Connection Request Follow Up With a “Welcome Message”

Again, you can use a template here. Take a moment to thank them for connecting, and then tell them that as a welcome, you usually send this freebie or useful tip to new connections.

Once you do the initial follow up, you can wait and see if you get a response. If you’re ok with being a little more aggressive, you can follow up the following 1–2 weeks with another quick tip or Q-and-A style message. Make it useful information. ALWAYS BE HELPING.

If you get a personal note in response at anytime in this sequence, just talk to them like a normal person about their content needs.

Hopefully this little guide will help you use this largely untapped resource. There aren’t many freelance content writers using LinkedIn this way.

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