How Lin-Manuel Miranda Inspired me to Start Writing Again

Courtney Stars
Oct 10 · 2 min read
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“When you start writing, you’re turning on a faucet the water is brown and it’s full of whatever has just been in there and clogged up and waiting to come out, and then you just keep writing and writing until the water is clear and you can find your own voice.” -Lin-Manuel Miranda

I’ve always been a writer. But some days it doesn’t feel that way.

Sometimes the words flow freely onto the page, smooth and sweet. Those are the times that you’re feeling the flow. It feels good. You’re in your zone.

But other times, the words seem clogged up inside of us.

I believe they are always still in there — you’re never truly devoid of ideas. It’s just that the story you have to tell can be blocked by other thoughts, conscious or subconscious, that your brain needs to prioritize at that moment.

If your sink at home is clogged, you don’t sit around thinking about the fact that it’s clogged. You don’t mope and wish the sink weren’t clogged. You take action. You do something to fix the damn sink.

Will it work? Maybe or maybe not. But you should try something to move the clog.

Like Lin-Manuel said, sometimes the faucet gets backed up with junk. But you must keep running the water. Eventually it will run clear again, and you will breathe a sigh of relief.

If you think you can’t write, write anyway. Sit down and just start. It’s not pretty when the water is brown and cloudy. But if you just keep writing, the water will run clear.

I’ve read dozens of inspirational quotes of writers. But none ever affected me like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s words. I will always write until the water runs clear.

That, is where I will find my real voice.

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The Second Act

Changing Careers, Changing Relationships, Changing Your Life.

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