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Pirr-Assisted Erotica

My attempt at using AI as a tool for writing

Kiki Lu Johnson
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4 min readJul 11, 2023


AI generated writing definitely lacks that certain something we’re all looking for in fiction. Fiction is all about the human experience, and AI just doesn’t know much about that.


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AI does have its uses in providing some helpful suggestions for what comes next. Some generators can create an entire passage’s bones for a human to go in and flesh out. I haven’t found any that are erotica-friendly, but if you have I’m open to trying them out.

I did find one that works — well enough for my purposes, anyway. It’s an app called Pirr, and it helps you build erotic fantasies bit by bit.

What It Does

In theory, you could write an entire story using nothing but the AI. It would take forever, and it would be shit, but you could do it. That’s not really what it’s designed for, though. It’s made to help people share their fantasies; whether they are writers or not.

So you start with an intro. It has a handful of generated intros or you can write your own. OR, you can edit the generated intro. When you’ve selected something, it types it out slower than I can read and…



Kiki Lu Johnson

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