You are such a good person, how can you…

My brother, my cousins and myself at my cousin’s wedding.

…Be an atheist

You are such a kind person, a great example for every kid.

You are smart, studious, and loving, very responsible indeed.

How can you be an atheist, and claim not to follow the bible?

Where have you left your morals, if you have no book to abide for?

What happened to all the teachings, your parents inculcated in you?

They wanted the best for you, they even named you Jesus.

Wait, so you are telling me you don’t believe in any god?

Yes, I don’t believe in Yahweh, Allah, Mitra, Zeus, Horus, Odin or Thor.

But there must be something in which you must believe?

I believe in the flowers and in the trees, I believe in the animals that my eyes can see.

I believe in a baby that is starting to walk as much as a how dangerous is to throw a rock.

I believe in what is possible and not in what’s not, so is it possible to end this talk?

Before I let you go, do you believe in science? How about evolution?

How can you believe on that? If it is not the word of God, it is more like an illusion.

Just to set the things straight, there is difference indeed.

There is a big difference between acceptance and belief.

I accept the sciences because they aim to enhance our future.

And understanding them is key, as it is to understand evolution.

If you read only one book, you cannot expand your criteria.

You will never understand the physics of the cosmos or produce medicine to kill bacteria.

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