Facebook finally ackowledges privacy issues

It is hard for huge organisations to admit that they have issues or that they are “perceived” to be doing something wrong.

Look at Google. They collect user data, snoop on your location, send you adverts based on your searches and monitor what you watch. The best of all, they ask us to sign up to this and nine out of ten times, users will accept their terms and conditions without complaint. Why do we do this I hear you ask? Because Googles services are better than most other companies.

Facebook takes a different approach. Well lets just say, I do not use their apps or share photos on Facebook. My understanding is that they collect a bit too much data without our permission and do god knows what else with it.

I have never hidden my feelings about Facebook or other companies that wrongly use our data. Several posts have been written about this on this blog and specifically called Facebook out on the issue a number of times. Especially, when they purchased Instagram. 
You can probably then understand my surprise, when Facebook 
“came knocking” to pick my brain. The guys at the Facebook accelerator team in Paris, reached out to me and wanted to use my experience in the industry to understand the best methods to talk to audiences about the topic of all topics — Data Privacy.

I am unable to go into the details; however, I can say, I am impressed in the approach Facebook are taking and the passion the guys over there have on this topic. Data Privacy is becoming a central pillar of Facebooks privacy programme and they will continue to be investing in learning how to approach the topic publicly with their user base. I do not see their privacy settings or terms and conditions changing over night. Or the huge organisation acknowledging they, at times, have collated data wrongly. However, there is a glimpse that the billions of users that use Facebook, might see improvements in privacy soon.