Millennials do not have the right Cyber Skills & the average age of a Cyber expert is over 45

The global IT security industry will face a shortfall of 1.8 million workers by 2022, according to a new study, while the UK faces the prospect of its workforce actually shrinking.
The Center for Cyber Safety and Education surveyed 19,000 cyber-security professionals for its eighth bi-annual Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS), sponsored by non-profit professionals’ association (ISC)².
It found that the perceived shortfall in cyber-security experts had risen 20 percent, up from 1.5 million, the figure it published in its previous survey in 2015
The survey also revealed that the UK is failing to hire Millennials that could help fill the skills gap. Just six percent of respondents said they would recruit university graduates.
Only 12 percent of the cyber-security workforce is under age 35, which indicated a decreasing pipeline of talent coming into the industry.
Over half (53 per cent) of the workforce is over age 45, suggesting that the UK is approaching a skills ‘cliff edge’ as these people approach retirement.

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