5 things you need to know to get your Fashion Business underway

Starting a fashion label can be one of the most rewarding things you can do…but also the hardest. It requires dedication, blood (sometimes literally), sweat and passion. But no fret, we are here to help! Here are 5 tips to get you started…

Consider getting a business partner

Remember this- you are an entrepreneur first, a designer second! Consider getting a business partner. Creativity paired with business acumen will be the fuel to success in the industry. Find a Dolce to your Gabbana!

Make a plan

“Prior preparation prevents poor performance.” You should look to prepare a Business Plan. Scary as it may sound it does not have to be overly complicated, it just needs certain key aspects before you begin such as your financial budget and marketing strategy.

Source a good manufacturer

For a new designer, finding a manufacturer can be daunting. There are online databases to find respected manufacturers such as LetsMakeItHere.

Fashion Enterprise have compiled a list of questions to test whether the manufacturer is reliable or not. It might be easier to stay local, especially if you are doing smaller runs.

Get your brand right

The reason some fashion labels enjoy longevity is because they have been able to create an image for themselves that is unique and consistent. Develop your brand and style (which can always be updated) and make sure it is recognisable. Linked to this is making sure you understand who your target market is and how best they like to be communicated to.

Know your rights and protect it

Make sure your work stays yours! Always sign and date your work to protect your copyright. If you have a particularly unique design, you may consider registering a design right. Once you get a bit bigger, you can also get a trademark for your brand. This will help prevent others from using your branding without authorisation. For more information on copyright, design rights and trademarks, visit GOV.UK for more information.

Don’t be an island

You can’t know everything and everyone needs help at some point. Network at meetup groups such as Fashion start-ups to meet fellow entrepreneurs, brainstorm new ideas and find new team members. There is always someone who has done something similar to you or knows someone who has!

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