How to expand your wardrobe

10 styling tips to get the most out of your closet this Summer!

With the new season & sunshine, it’s hard to want to wear anything but shorts and a tank. I’m here to give you a few tips on how to make your wardrobe feel like new, fresh and fun all season long!

  1. Put together different prints and textures:

Do you have florals? Stripes? Polka-dots? Animal prints? Pleather? Corduroy? Silk?

Try pairing a striped top with a corduroy skirt, a floral blouse with a pair of striped shorts, a polka dotted button up with leopard print shoes or a pair of pleather bottoms. Oversized knitted tops with denim or silk trousers. If you wear black with black, make sure mix textures and play with layers. Layering a long tank under a tee shirt with change the dynamic and will elongate your torso! When mixing patterns, just remember that the patterns should be different sizes, one larger & the other smaller.

2. Add + buy new accessories:

You can completely change the look of a shirt or dress by adding an accessory! To jazz up any plain tee shirt, add a chunky statement piece necklace to make your outfit look more put together and dressy. Try on a belt with a dress to give it a different shape and show off your curves. Having a good collection of belts, necklaces, earrings, and neckerchiefs is a great way to make all your clothing look different depending on what you add to it. (check out our instagram @shopdamas for accessory inspiration)

3. Buy something other than black:

We all fall into the black clothing routine because it looks good on everyone and usually fits any occasion. To expand your wardrobe and your horizons, I challenge you this Summer to buy ANY COLOR than black. And no dark navy blue either!

4. Try a new style of jean:

Get a new pair of high rise jeans, faded jeans, olive jeans, mustard trousers, slightly distressed jeans.. Anything to add another dimension to your look. I suggest trying on the same top with a few different styles of pants and notice how it transforms your look every time!

5. D.I.Y. projects on old clothing:

Poms and tassels are the new craze this Summer! With an old pair of flip flops, jeans or plain white t-shirt you can add the colorful upholstery poms to the ends of the shirt or on the ankle of your jeans for an added pop. You can even find fun ribbon to sew on the sides of an old pair of jeans or on the bottom of a pair of shorts. If you don’t know how to sew, use a hot glue gun or the no-sew iron on tape that you can find at any fabric store!

6. Follow bloggers who represent your style:

Get daily inspiration from your favorite fashion blogger on Instagram, Pinterest or their personal blogs! Check out what they are wearing and put together outfits with similar pieces you have in your wardrobe! On @shopdamas there are new outfits posted each week + styled photo shoots with clothing we adore that are currently on the racks!

7. Buy more basic & classic pieces:

Look for the pieces that never go out of style, the ones that look just as great on you as they did on your grandmother when she was younger. If you buy classic pieces or basics, your closet will feel more full all year around! Trends come and go every other month.. Don’t get caught into buying fast fashions every few weeks then throwing them away in a few months.. Look for more staples and styles that have been around for a long time and always retro! (Trust me, they will always come back in style.)

8. Spring Cleaning:

Getting rid of clothing that don’t fit or make you feel amazing is a great way to see what you need to add to your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn it in the past 3 months, get rid of it. If you don’t feel like a million bucks in it, please get rid of it.

9. Step outside of your comfort zone:

I challenge you to remove “I can’t pull that off” from your vocabulary.. If you see it, love it, try it out, rock it! When you look good you feel good, when you feel good you look good!

10. Make every day an occasion:

I know there are dresses, shoes, blouses or skirts in your closet that have the tags on them or you’ve only worn them once to a wedding or special event. Don’t wait for another party, date night or special occasion to wear something that makes you feel fabulous! You can always dress your look down with a jean jacket or sandals if you want to. Every day is a special occasion, every day you get the chance to be exactly who you want to be. Go for it, we’re all backing you up!

Kelsea Macnamara is the lead associate for Unseen Heroes Concept Store, DAMAS. For tips on style and fashion, visit her at DAMAS.