Picture yourself waking up at the crib bumping some morning tunes while you have the sun peeping through the window to say what’s up. As you walk through your hallways you’re thinking, “man what am I going to do for my daily caffeine fix?” Luckily for the UH team, the roasters at Old Soul Co., have provided us with this month’s recipe series of a simple but game changing way of making and enjoying the coffee we all love. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to brew a fresh batch of coffee while using a “pour over” technique. This art form of extracting liquid gold from a little bean can seriously change your passion for coffee as well as make those cozy days even harder for you to hop out of bed!

Step One: While boiling your water in the kettle, weigh out 24 grams of coffee

Step Two: Grind at a medium to fine grind.

Step Three: Put your Chemex, Kone filter, and ground coffee on your scale. “Tare” your scale and start time at 3 minutes counting down. Begin your “bloom” by starting at the center of you grounds and gently, using a spiral motion, pour your water wetting the grounds. Wait for 30–45 seconds.

Step Four: Continue to pour using a slow gentle spiral motion until your scale reads about 380 grams.

Step Five: This whole process, from bloom to finish, should take about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes.

Step Six: Remove the Kone filter and pour your coffee into a pre-heated cup.

Step Seven: Get ready to enjoy!

Step Eight: Wait a few minutes to cool, grab a friend, and enjoy! Repeat if needed!

Photography: Raymond Kim

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