It’s Almost Time To Diner En Blanc

Le Diner en Blanc 2016 in Sacramento. Photo by Roderick Cooney

Exclusive, chic, and secret are just a few alluring words that describe Diner En Blanc. The invitation-only event, where guests don white from head-to-toe, is returning to another hidden location in Sacramento. With thousands vying for an invite to the special October 7 affair, here is a guide on the registration process and a little taste of what to expect when there.

For those that don’t know, the concept began in Paris in 1988 with an emphasis on embracing community and friendship. Traditionally the event occurs in gorgeous sites with refreshing open-air, and with over 70 cities in 35 countries hosting their own version of Diner En Blanc the popularity of these swank pop-up picnics is quickly growing.

Once you participate in the fleeting soiree you’ll be invited to the next one. This means that the 1,000 participants from last year are being invited back for next months event. However, this time around, Diner En Blanc in Sacramento will accommodate 1,500 guests.

The best way to attend is to accompany a member from the previous year or register online at the official website. Phase one and two of the first-come, first served tickets were met with high demand. The final phase, phase three, sold out in fifty minutes.

Guests pay $37 to attend, a nine dollar membership cost in addition to any food and drinks they purchase on the events official site. Guests must show up in pairs or groups. This includes one invitee and a guest of their choosing. No single tickets are sold.

Attendees will bring chairs, tables and linen that match descriptions indicated on invitations. Guests will then need to bring their own dinner and refreshments or order an exclusive picnic bag in advanced, with food included, to pick up on-site.

Under no circumstances will patrons be able to bring their own alcohol. However guests can order alcohol online on the official event website, two weeks prior to Diner En Blanc.

The location is traditionally hush-hush until the very last moments on the event’s evening. Participants will meet at specific holding points until the official notifications are sent informing guests where to journey near by.

Once on site, visitors will be guided to their designated spots and the night will then begin with traditions like napkin waving and sparkler lighting around the vicinity.

As the elegant evening whines down, diners will then exit around 10pm and pack up as if the soiree never happened.

To recap:
-Guests must be in a couple, pair, or group for the occasion.

-Be completely and elegantly dressed in white. No colors are permitted.

-Bring white table, linen, and set of chairs.

-Don’t forget candles and napkins.

-Bring your own dinner or order an exclusive picnic bag from our website in advanced.

-Remember to leave no trace of your rubbish.

Be a part of this grand concept and use it as that perfect excuse to dress up. Enjoy Diner En Blanc with friends old and new. Hope to see you guys there! If you were unable to reserve a spot for this years event there will always be next year.

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