Sacratomato week is in full effect, and we have to admit, we’ve been stuffing our faces with tons of tomato inspired dishes. Instead of keeping all of the goodness to ourselves, we decided to give a couple of our readers the chance to indulge with us. Check out the photos below to see a small portion of what you can expect when you visit the Sutter District Restaurants this week.

Name: Christine Ballisty

Instagram Handle: @christineballisty

Favorite Tomato: Heirloom

Favorite Dish of the Night: Mexican Bruschetta

What Most Excites You About Sacratomato: Tasting the different, creative dishes prepared by local chefs.

Name: Evelyn Popov

Instagram Handle: @ev.pop

Favorite Tomato: Cherry Tomato- not just because they’re cute. They are perfect for salads or a healthy snack.

Favorite Dish of the Night: The tomato infused steak dish from Centro. YUM!

What Most Excites You About Sacratomato: I love the fact that we have so much to do. Our fast growing food and caffeine industry offers an amazing variety of delicious ways to satisfy your taste buds. We also have many events like GATHER: Oak Park and instameets that allow us to meet new people and create new relationships.

For a complete listing of participating restaurants and other fun happenings during Sacratomato Week, please visit: www.sacratomatofest.com

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