5 Things To Know Before Moving To Sacramento

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Jul 15, 2017 · 4 min read
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Let’s face it. For various reasons, there has been an influx of people moving to Sacramento. Instead of making transplants feel left out and keeping all of the starter tips to ourselves; we asked our readers to give us the top 5 things people should know before moving to Sacramento.

Disclaimer: We gathered the information, and then wrote our own interpretation of the responses we received. So…the information you find below might not necessarily be the “absolute truth”, but it isn’t completely far from the truth either. Read at your own discretion.

Tip #1: The Word “Hella” Is A Pretty Big Thing Here

What can we say? Although it doesn’t seem like a hella legit thing, it is hella true. Hella accept it, hella adapt to it, and try using it in a sentence at least once a day until you get here… Hella times. At first, it will feel hella weird. You will hella feel like you’re hella over using it. But hella trust us, there is no such thing. We can hella tell who is a true local by the way hella is used in conversations.

Please Note: We hella over exaggerated this one to prove a point.

Tip #2: We Aren’t Necessarily A “CowTown”. We Just Have “CowTown Tendencies”

Okay… this one is a bit complicated. When you look at the big picture; we have all the makings of a great city: in-fill development at the cities core, passionate creatives pushing the limits of what is possible, and a bustling restaurant & bar scene that is constantly in the spotlight of the national media. So, with all things considered, we aren’t necessarily a “Cowtown”.

But… Our “Cow Town Tendencies” include: the central city becomes a ghost town after 10pm; we are geographically surrounded by farmland; we haven’t quite yet found our true identity so some people try to copy every big city within 600 miles; and there is a day that begins with a cattle corral and tractor ride through downtown (See Tip #3).

Tip #3: We Love Our Farms and Forks

We take pride in the things that make our city great, and one of those things happen to be the Farm to Fork Movement. We have some of the freshest produce in the country, and we aren’t afraid to represent. The Farm to Fork spirit transcends dietary preference and social status. Restaurants will tout it, chefs go crazy over ingredients, and there is even a week full of festivities to celebrate it.

The key here is to take the farm by the fork and just go with it.

The more people we have embracing a mantra for the city; the easier it is to avoid falling back into our “CowTown Tendencies”.

Tip #4: We Are A Commuter City.

The more you understand this idea; the better off you will be. Our public transportation system is definitely one of the “CowTown Tendencies” that we are trying to fix, but we aren’t there yet. More than half of the people who live in the central city use cars for MOST THINGS here, and the people in the suburbs use their cars for EVERYTHING.

The upside: If you are carless, don’t panic. It isn’t impossible to get around town using public transportation; it just takes a bit of planning and knowing that almost all bus lines in the city stop at 11pm. You will also eventually make friends, they will see you standing at the bus stop, and they will offer you a ride.

Tip #5: If All Things Fail, We Are Driving Distance From Just About Everything.

Although there are many reasons to stay in the city, this will probably be one of the first things you will hear from us locals: “I live here because it’s driving distance to _____________ (Insert the type of terrain the person saying it enjoys most).

And as much as some of us prideful locals want to give you every reason to stay in the city, there is a part of all of us that enjoys packing up the car and taking a day trip anywhere in Northern California: San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Napa, Lodi, Amador, Lake Tahoe, Humboldt, Reno, and more.

Tips That Almost Made It:

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We All Don’t Love The Kings

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Highlight Of The Year: California State Fair

This is a post in a series of collaborations with All City Realty Group and Unseen Heroes. From time to time, we partner with community focused brands and organizations to help spread useful information to our readers. In return, they help keep the lights on. For other tips on buying a home or moving to Sacramento, please visit www.allcityhomes.com.

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