A tour of the new Gencove ancestry map

Free for anyone with DNA data from any source

We are pleased to show off our new ancestry map, which we developed for our users to explore where their ancestors may have lived hundreds of years ago. Check out an example below.

An example Gencove ancestry map

This visualization improves a couple limitations of our previous ancestry analyses: first, we introduce an ‘Explorer’ mode, where you can see all of the possible ancestral populations that are currently supported.

Gencove map ‘Explorer mode’ allows you to see what ancestral populations are currently detected

Second, zooming in on a population allows you to see the subpopulations we used as a reference for each of these ancestral groups. For example, our ‘Southwestern Europe’ group is composed of southern French, Spanish, Basque, and Sardinian individuals.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, getting access to this feature is free for anyone who already has DNA data. We’ve implemented automated support for effectively all genotyping providers, but if you have DNA data that doesn’t ‘just work’ when uploaded, please let us know at support@gencove.com and we’ll get it in ASAP.

Data upload now accepted from all genotyping providers

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