Getting the most out of your genome sequence data

At Seeq, we believe that you should have access to the information encoded in your genome sequence.

We also know that there’s much more information in your genome than we currently know how to provide. That’s why we are pleased to announce a simple but important feature in our app: request your raw data with a tap.

Sidebar of the latest version of the Seeq app, with the “Request raw data” option

What is “raw data”? For our purposes, these are the sequencing reads generated from your sample during our “ultra-low-coverage” sequencing assay, provided in BAM format.

Already we have heard from users who have taken advantage of this feature to get more out of their Seeq data. For example, users have extracted their complete mitochondrial DNA sequence and analyzed it using freely-available tools. Others have used our own tools to test the robustness of their ancestry results.

Of course, analyzing your own raw data takes a bit of bioinformatics expertise. So if you’re doing interesting things with your data, we encourage you to 1) make your tools/procedures available, so others can learn from you, and 2) let us know! We’re excited to spread the word about cool things our users are doing with their data via Facebook, Twitter, and this blog.

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