Improving ancestry estimates in South Asia

tl;dr: Gencove now delivers more precise ancestry estimates for South Asian individuals based on our collaboration with YouGenomics India.

We are excited to help our colleagues at YouGenomics India with their goal of bringing personalized medicine to South Asia.

As part of this goal, we’ve been working with them to understand genetic variation in different populations of South Asia. In turn, we are pleased to use this information to improve the ancestry analysis we return to you. Where previously we had a single ancestry group called “South Asia”, we are now able to split this into more precise groups which we are calling “Central Indian subcontinent”, “Southern Indian subcontinent”, and “Bengal” (example below).

Example updated ancestry results

Obviously there is still much work to do, so sign up to be a part of the reference genome for South Asia at YouGenomics India!

Likewise, this type of project could be extremely useful in other parts of the world; if you want to bring this model to other geographic regions, contact us or get started collecting data using our API.

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