Winter. It’s when most sane individuals avoid the beach. For me, there’s nothing more raw, wild, threatening and therefore exhilirating than the winter ocean. Beginning next month, I’ll be there with it, seeing winter through in Rockaway Beach, New York City.

The frozen winter beach.

It all began with a storage problem. Having recently succeeded in raising funds to produce my very large artworks depicting Rockaway Beach and Jamaica Bay, the work was hung for view at The Yard in Manhattan, where it will remain until January. When finished, I’ll rent a truck, hire help, and schlepp the giant pieces to… and thus was my problem. Where to?

Everyone knows NYC real estate is a premium, and apparently small windowless boxes made of corrugated steal are no different, because it costs hundreds of dollars monthly to rent a storage space. And then there are other concerns: dampness, weather, critters, theft. And finally: if I want to show the work to a gallerist, what would I do, fire off an address at Extra Space Storage?

But then, an actual workspace costs even more, and what would I do there? My studio is the ocean, I literally don’t need a workspace. I banished sad thoughts of me going there to visit my work, sitting around looking at pictures and pretending I was doing something.

(Ironically enough, it’s just having a work space that may actually inspire a different kind of work, and since I’ve embraced it, I’m hoping something like that sparks. Alas, I’m getting ahead of myself.)

You see, it finally dawned on me to rent a space I could stay in, as I often do, to get into the flow while shooting out in Jamaica Bay. As synchronicity would have it, the perfect place had just gone up for a 6-month sublet. A small, spartan, light-flooded apartment chock full of creative energy. A little box I will [temporarily] call mine.

The minimal, sun-drenched spot that will be my creative cocoon for the next six months.

Being a mother of young children, and a small business owner, flitting away to a far corner of the earth to focus on art for a couple months was nothing more than a pipe dream. O, but to find the sustained focus for creative work!

Thus was born the Self-Styled Residency. Beginning next month through the end of April I will devote as much free time as I can to this pursuit, holed away in my sun filled creative box by the winter sea.

I hope that here I can share my experiments, thoughts, travails, failures, goofs, discoveries, loneliness, and maybe something brilliant once in a while about my creative process. Likely though just a bunch of stuff that will make me feel pretty vulnerable and you feel like you really have it together.

Sounds fun right? Hop in and come along for the ride.