The serial-cycling diet: day 41

Brunch: eggs & cheese. Since zooko warned me, I’ve been a little suspicious about what goes into “cheese.” Sure enough, this pre-mixed aberration contained potato starch. WTF. Didn’t notice until too late.

Between lunch and dinner: took a nice long walk with my mother, who has gotten popular for trying the Paleo diet alongside my experiment. She wanted some ice cream after not having had sugar for two weeks, so we had some.

A rare moment of indulgence at Amorino.

Dinner: a big fat steak, cooked in ghee, and doused with olive oil afterward.

Commentary: got some goat, veal liver, and bone marrow from the butcher. Been a while. Might make bone broth.

Also, a mild amount of ketosis seems to be happening. (Man, I haven’t weighlifted in a while.)