Going the distance for people

Research at the Canadian Digital Service

Building ethics into planning

When we take the time to plan our research, we’re taking steps to efficiently identify and answer our research questions. Yet, throughout this process, how often do we consider how our plans could affect our participants?

Pacing: going slow to get ahead

In a fast-paced work environment like ours, knowing when to slow down our process can help prevent costly missteps, which may negatively impact participants.

Uplifting our partnerships

Our research, no matter how sophisticated, is only worthwhile if it’s being used. At CDS we do not own the services we help build and improve. For our research to fully inform the choices we make, we need to be sincere and attentive in our partnerships with other government departments — which actually provide services to Canadians.

Beyond quick-fixes

Going the distance means attempting to go beyond personas and interview templates, to being intentional and persistent about creating an effective, ethical practice — for your research and your research participants. Intentional in how well we craft our process, and persistent in how far we push existing conditions.



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Mithula Naik

Head of Client Experience @Canadian Digital Service, Government of Canada #GCDigital