Biology + Content Marketing

Content marketing has been all the rage over the past few years.

And for a good reason:

Who doesn’t like getting free organic traffic to their website (or blog) from Google?

Here is the issue with the current state of content marketing — Everyone blogs, but people don’t like to read.

People like to see. Most people want beautiful visuals not words!

So instead of going crazy writing 2,500 word blog post to outcompete a 2,000 word blog post, consider sharing the information visually.

Use the words to communicate the information that cannot be communicated by the image.

To drive home the point visually ;) check this infographic from Hubspot.


The data is clear.

Adding an image to a post increases readership by 94%. This result is not surprising, considering people process images 60,000 faster than they process text.


If your business uses data as part of its messaging, you can use infographics to present the data in a visually compelling fashion.

A well-designed infographic presents data in a way that guides the viewer through the image, allowing the viewer’s eye to gather the meaning of the data naturally.


Images present a special challenge because they aren’t directly searchable by Google (although there are murmurs that Google is able to now understand objects within images).

To overcome this, use the image ALT tag, the blog title, and make sure there is some text about the topic in the blog post.


Given the power of images and how the brain processes them, consider including more images in your content marketing strategy.