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A lot of walking. And some biking.

One Word: Team

John Saddington
Jan 5, 2016 · 3 min read

Today’s vlog is an important one and it highlights something fundamental that I do each calendar year. Instead of New Year’s Resolutions I choose one word to focus on and have that be my guiding principle or ethos for the year.

I don’t mind resolutions (and if they work for you, go for it!) but, in short, they’ve never worked for me (for a number of reasons). This alternative is much more simple and it’s something that I can easily talk about with my family, my friends and those that I get to work with. It centers, orients, and helps navigate the challenges that life will inevitably bring.

My 2016 word is simply “team” and I’ll probably reference it like a broken record throughout the rest of the vlog series.

Here’s VLOG 004:

Show Notes #004

I woke up knowing exactly what I wanted today’s vlog about and I didn’t think it would take too much time to put together. But, I had so much fun working on the travel segments that the video ballooned in size.

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106 videos — wow.

I took the most video clips ever today (over 100) and, like the other times, cut out a ton.

This was also the first time that I brought my vlog to the new Projector office and there was a bit of awkwardness all-around.

Some of the team wasn’t so much interested in being captured in film (or pictures) and that was good for me to know because I want to respect everyone’s privacy.

Even I struggle with a bit of over-exposure here and there and I had to work through my own sense of public display in the past — this was nothing short of a super-helpful and healthy reminder that everyone has a variety of opinions about sharing and social media (who would have thought…? :P).

Finally, I worked more with audio that’s outside of the stock iMovie app library and that was tough. Transitions and sequencing (I’m using that word but I’m not sure if I’m using it correctly) is still something I’m struggling with and rhythm and cadence is entirely made up at this point in time.

But I think that’s okay. I’ve still got 300 more of these to do so there’s really no rush now, is there? Great learnings today all around.

Tonight, after post-production, my wife reminded me that, in the end, if I become a better communicator then it would have been all worth it. She is, of course, right.

Having her review drafts of the video and making remarks about what I say and how I say it oftentimes sting, if I’m to be honest. But, she brings to light things that I want to be good (but that aren’t) and she keeps me intellectually honest. I have barely even begun.


What’s Your One Word?

So, what is your one word for the year 2016? Leave me a note in the comments below and give me some perspective!

Thanks for your encouragement all, it means a lot!

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2016/17: A Year of Daily Vlogs

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