Soccer and LinkedIn and… thoughts on going public with my new job.

Soccer and LinkedIn

I woke up this morning thinking that today’s VLOG (#3 of 365) would be significantly shorter and significantly easier to put together. To be honest, it was the toughest one so far and I had a moment where I seriously mulled over the idea of quitting.

No joke.

This was after VLOG 002 and mentioning how I was already being challenged emotionally to ship and get these things out the door! But this was a significant vlog because of the following:

First, I announced, formally, my new role with Projector and the incredible team that’s been assembled. I can’t wait to spend my 2016 building something incredibly important for the world. Oh, and you might as well follow and subscribe to our new Medium Blog as well — you’ll want to stay in the know about this one…

Projector — We love push.

Second, I had a significant chat with my wife about what I can and cannot capture and publish in my vlogs.

Establishing boundaries with my family about this type of stuff is important and it’s not something that I considered fully before jumping right in. But my wife keeps me on the straight and narrow and I’m so thankful for her support.

Without further ado, here’s VLOG 003:

Show Notes #003

As I mentioned above, this was the hardest so far and my hope to whittle down the time required has not been as easy as I thought it would be.

I took a ton of film today and again, a massive amount of it hit the chopping block immediately. But, my biggest victory was getting the total vlog under 7 minutes after it had ballooned to nearly 11 — I took a serious amount of time to take out what I had originally thought of as necessary but that ultimately didn’t contribute to the overall narrative.

Action shot.

Removing nearly 4 minutes of extraneous video was the win today (besides my chat with my spouse) and I’m proud of what I was able to accomplish with very little time.

I haven’t yet found my “flow” yet with film making but I can see my fluency growing ever so slowly. I imagine it’ll take months to get the hang of it and even as I say that I can’t help but feel discouraged a bit — I just want things to move faster and my expertise level to really jump off the page, but, that’s just not how these things work.

The fact is I’m learning an entirely new skill without any formal training. And, the bar is set really, really, really, high, especially with all of the great examples out there of people who know what they’re doing and who have been doing this for decades.

I was reminded by an old friend yesterday night of this saying (we both wish we could give credit to who originally conjured it up):

Amateurs care about tools. Professionals care about money. Masters care about motive. I just get to work.

I know what bucket I sit in when it comes to writing and publicly blogging since I’ve been doing it for 15 years. But anything new, like vlogging, I feel the pressure of the first scenario like whoa.

Resting after a good win.

Spending time looking at people’s “tech kits” and “app lists” for vlogging has gotten old really quick but I’d be lying if I didn’t feel the pressure to go out and try all of them and try to “shortcut” my way to becoming a better video storyteller.

The honest truth is that I just need to execute, to get to work, to keep working on my new craft, and to keep my head pointed toward the ground and not worry so much about how I’m doing in comparison to others.

It’s a sobering reminder and there have already been a few punches to the gut (and even lower). But I don’t think I’ll quit, at least not tonight.

Whatever you’re into and whatever you’re being challenged with, I hope you take the same approach. It’s okay if we’re not “there” yet — that was never the goal anyway, right?

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