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Gordy’s Double Stack iMac (2024) via Bandcamp

When The Avalanches released their debut album Since I Left You in 2000, it took the world by storm and brought sample-based music back into the public eye in a big way.

Tracks such as Frontier Psychiatrist and Since I Left You were made entirely from samples of other music, with a mix of obscure unknown records and easily recognisable moments, such as when Françoise Hardy’s Oh Oh Chéri appears throughout Summer Crane.

Clearing all of the samples took some time, and during this period Avalanches member Gordon McQuilten began working on new music. Now, some 23 years later, it has finally being released as the album Double Stack iMac.

Gordon “Gordy” McQuilten had joined Robbie Chater, Tony Di Blasi, and Darren Seltmann in 1997 for what would soon become The Avalanches. They released Rock City and El Producto EP, mixing samples, rock, and hip hop, and performing live on stage and on Australian TV. As other members joined the group, their style evolved into what was heard on debut album Since I Left You.

As they waited for samples to be cleared ahead of the album launch in 2000, Gordon recorded four new tracks in his home studio, intending them for consideration on a follow up album. Instead, in 2001 he left The Avalanches and the tracks were forgotten. The Avalanches continued, and released their second album Wildflower in 2016, with the band now made up of only Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi.

Some twenty years later in 2022, a friend of Gordon was fixing his computer when the topic of the four lost tracks came up. After a bit of search, a CDR was found, and plans to release the One Kiss EP were announced at the beginning of 2023.

As labels became interested, the problem of clearing samples returned. Yamaha_Superstar, who has been facilitating the project and posting updates on Reddit, said:

“The reason for the delay with the EP — we spoke to some labels who really liked it, but the cost of getting sample clearances and making it profitable for them to put out (streaming doesn’t make money, no-one buys CDs anymore, vinyl costs a bomb, etc) put the brakes on it.”

Deciding to instead release it themselves, in January 2024 the album Double Stack iMac was released to much interest among fans of The Avalanches.

Containing a total of 15 tracks from Gordon, the first four songs on Double Stack iMac are the planned One Kiss EP, featuring tracks made in 2000. They have a similar sound to early Avalanches such as Undersea Community from their 1999 EP of the same name. One Kiss is easily the standout from this selection, and possibly the best on the album.

A search of Gordon’s old iMac lead to the discovery of the remaining tracks. Recorded between 2007–08, they are a mix of ideas that vary in style. Some sit alongside the One Kiss era songs, while others sound like something completely different. If I Could Wait For Today brings back the Undersea Community vibe as the album ends, and really you won’t want it to end.

After sitting on a hard drive for over 15 years, it’s great to be able to finally hear something from Gordon. It’s unclear if they were ever intended for an album, or if they were simply jams made for friends. Either way, fans will be curious to hear them now and some will be sure to slip into DJ sets.

All of the tracks have been remastered, with 13 available to hear now on Bandcamp, while those who buy the album get two bonus tracks included in the download. There’s no physical release currently, though one has been hinted at still being planned. Here’s hoping there will be a follow up too, and sooner rather than later.

Double Stack iMac by Gordy is available on Bandcamp now.



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