Biden is failing on Covid-19 relief

Bipartisanship shouldn’t be at the expense of millions of Americans.

Rainier Harris
The Shadow


Photo: Saul Loeb/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

President Joe Biden promised Georgia voters on the eve of the election that if they voted Blue and gave Democrats control of the Senate, $2,000 checks would be sent out “immediately.”

It has been two weeks since he has been inaugurated as President. This week, he met with top Republicans to discuss their Covid-19 relief plan. The GOP’s plan is less than a third the cost of Biden’s and includes less money for direct payments among other programs of relief. Next week, the Senate will be preoccupied with the former president’s impeachment trial. A relief bill hasn’t even passed the house for Senate approval yet. Democrats are in control of Congress and the White House. What’s their excuse now?

This stalling reaffirms exactly what many Americans think: Democrats don’t know how to use power when they get a hold of it.

I can guarantee you that almost no American who genuinely needs relief does not care whatsoever how many GOP senators sign onto it. This “bipartisanship” attempt is a pitiful ploy to show Americans, “Hey, the party of Trump might have just enabled an insurrection at the US Capitol last month, but look we’re unified now because of this one bill.” Bipartisanship isn’t going to make…