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Consumers are now placing restaurant online orders directly on Google

Online ordering has taken the restaurant industry by storm and it’s no secret that restaurants all over the world are trying to capitalize on it. As more and more big names enter the online ordering scene, it’s interesting to see the novel developments that come along in this space over time.

The most recent game-changer has been Paytronix Systems Inc. This provider of SaaS customer experience management solutions for restaurants recently announced that Paytronix has partnered with Google to make it much easier for customers to place orders directly on Google Search as well as on Google Maps. This simple process can be carried out by anyone who has a google account, and it largely simplifies the online ordering process.

Customers can bid adieu to look up restaurant websites or downloading apps and instead place their orders with a quick google search. The premise is fairly simple. Guests have to look up the restaurant or café on Google, click on the “Order Online” option on the restaurant’s business profile and they’re taken directly to the digital menu. Subsequent ordering and payment is all done on the Google page as well- talk about simplicity! Paytronix Order and Delivery integration make food ordering as easy as child’s play.

In a press release, Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins highlighted the rise of online ordering even today as people return slowly to dining out. Paytronix has also carried out a survey across various restaurants to find out that takeout orders made up a whopping 63% of all restaurant orders placed in 2020, and 89% of these orders were made through various digital channels. In turn, digital ordering is a market worth $434 billion today.

Let’s take a look at why most tech-forward brands are incorporating this technology into their daily business:

Higher Conversion Rate
Numbers and statistics play an important role in any business. And one of the most important figures in online ordering is conversion rates. This single metric is crucial when it comes to measuring overall performance. Enabling customers to place orders directly on Google makes it much less likely that a customer will put off ordering. The entire process is easy and requires the least number of clicks, which naturally leads to more chances of receiving orders.

More Customer Loyalty
Every guest is bound to remember a positive customer experience. With Paytronix Order and Delivery, the user experience is designed to provide maximum ease to your customers. This one-of-a-kind experience is more likely to lead to happier customers, and hence drive up customer loyalty.

Improved Bottom Line
Maintaining a strong and healthy bottom line is an essential part of a restaurant’s performance. Naturally, this comes from budgeting well and increasing sales. With a more efficient online ordering system, you can expect much higher profits as customers keep coming back for the same positive customer experience. It’s also much easier to attract new customers.

Better Staff Performance
One of the prime advantages that Paytronix offers is that the workflow is simplified to a large extent. Instead of focusing on the nitty-gritty details of online ordering and food delivery, your staff can direct their talents towards other administrative tasks. The grunt work is automated and your employees have more time to focus on keeping customers happy.

An Improved First Impression

A potential customer’s first viewing of your restaurant online can be crucial in the world of online ordering. The entire off-premise experience has to be designed in a way that is as seamless as possible. With Paytronix’s efficient online system, your online ordering page will leave a stellar first impression.

The restaurant space is constantly evolving as new technologies come into play. It’s essential to stay on the top of your game and be well-versed with the latest trends. Over time, it pays off to be able to create a customer experience that is easy and memorable.




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