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Human Cacophony an Impediment to Wellness

The Urban Monk

The Brain’s Deliberation — No to Noise and Yes to Its Absence

Those are two separate and distinct points. The absence of noise has been shown to increase neurogenesis, or the production of neurons in the brain, and the presence of too much noise does its own damage.

So if you’ve had a hard time releasing tension lately… you may be awash in noise with no way to signal to your brain that there’s no danger, it’s just construction across the street.


Lowering the sensory input of our brains helps them to replenish resources. In other words, when we turn the faucet off, the sink has a chance to drain and the tank can heat more water.

Plus, as we said, the absence of noise literally grows brain cells. During one particular experiment with mice, the researchers discovered that when given just two hours of silence per day, the neuron population in the hippocampus — associated with memory, learning, and emotion — surged!

Too Many Factors

Noise pollution? Bad. Silence? Good. However, there’s space in between.

And Just How Do We Do That?

By situating its presence as a requisite component of human experience, rather than a luxury elective.

  • Taking a walk without your phone and music.
  • Give yourself some eco-therapy.
  • Get up an hour earlier than the rest of your household… and don’t make a sound.
  • Meditate — even if you have trouble tapping into the meditation brain waves, your brain will thank you for the peace!
  • Turn off the sound on your phone notifications.
  • Do your regular chores without the background noise — no comfort show, no stimulating podcast, no R&B to get you dancing. (If that makes those chores unbearable, mix it up with silent time and fun time.)



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