Q: Why is Everything So Crazy Now? A: The Three Warfares of the Chinese Communist Party

Dr. Munr Kazmir
The Shadow
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6 min readOct 27, 2021

If you’ve been looking for the missing puzzle piece, here it is.

Head of the Chinese Communist Party and ruler of China, Xi Jinping. (photo: Prachatai)

If history has told us anything, it is that truths, even fundamental, monumental truths are often self-evident, hiding in plain sight.

When the truth finally dawns- wow, enslaving human beings is really wrong- it seems incredible that anyone could have missed it, let alone generations of people in multiple societies throughout history- and today.

Whatever your political persuasion, it must be admitted that things have felt a bit…off in recent years. There has to be a reason for it. Something is tearing at the fabric of American society and no one seems quite able to pin it down.

Political polarization, yes; but the U.S. has always had that and how. Donald Trump, sure; but the U.S. has always had Donald Trump, too, and plenty of other politicians besides who openly espouse exactly the same set of values he does on a daily basis.

The culture wars, One Million Moms v. Planned Parenthood, have long been raging in the U.S., often bitterly. Until recently, most of us could and did just ignore it. Generational conflicts, between the young and the old have always been with humanity, as have conflicts between the sexes, racial and cultural tensions. The dueling interests of city and country, the struggle between the forces of conservatism and liberalism have long been present.

Why is everything so much worse all of the sudden?

In a country as large and diverse as this one, we’ve gotten along reasonably well and we still do, by and large, in the modern age. Democracy had been working fairly well, up until recently anyway, for more people than any other comparable system of government has ever worked for any society in all of recorded human history. Ever.

Supply chain issues aside, most of us have it better than we’ve ever had it and better than the vast majority of the rest of humanity. The U.S. isn’t perfect; no society or country or system of government is or ever could be, but there is no wall to keep people in for a simple reason; we don’t need one.