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The Great Pause Week 63: Mr. Anderson’s Warning

“Our recipes for a prosperous future are a prediction of what society will be forced to consider.”

  1. In the business as usual scenario presently being followed, Earth is on track to a global average temperature increase of 3.7 to 6.9 degrees C by the end of the present century.
  2. At any temperature above 3 degrees, no organized human civilization will be possible. Agriculture will not work. Our sweat glands will not cool us outdoors (they fail above 40 to 50°C, depending on individuals). Superstorms will wreak havoc on wind farms, solar arrays, and hydroelectric dams. Fires and floods will take down our cities.
Steffin et al 2018


Bardi, Ugo, The Seneca Effect, New York: Springer Publishing (2017).

How it works:

  1. Open the Amazon app on your phone
  2. Select the main menu (=) & tap on “AmazonSmile” within Programs & Features
  3. Select “Global Village Institute” as your charity
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate AmazonSmile in the mobile app



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Albert Bates

Emergency Planetary Technician and Climate Science Wonk — using naturopathic remedies to recover the Holocene without geoengineering or ponzinomics.