The Shadow
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The Shadow

The Invisible Illness

Thriving with mental illness and overcoming mental abuse.

woman’s wrist with a tattoo of a compass and writing quill in the form of a semi-colon which is a symbol of mental health awareness a symbol meaning “you continue.”
Photo of my wrist tattoo, taken by me. I travel, I write, I continue…

You never know what someone has been through. Be kind. That doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to do anything for anyone. Just, think before you speak, before you judge. And that is kindness, in my humble opinion.

How did this begin? I used to snap into judgment on people. I was definitely raised…




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Rachel D Adams

Rachel D Adams

(she/her/pan) I’m not to be mistaken for a well-behaved woman. I’m an ally, amateur photog, content creator, novelist, empty nester, traveler, wife, & friend.

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