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The New iMac is More Revolutionary Than You Think — From Apple Park

Last week, Apple introduced a new line up of iMac. Along with the new magnetic power cord, a thin design, and Apple’s new powerful M1 Chip, what took everyone’s attention was the iMac’s striking new colors, all seven of them.

To learn everything you need to know about the new 24" iMac, click here.

Two of Apple’s senior managers, Colleen Novielli and Navpreet Kaloty, guest appeared on the “Upgrade” Podcast episode #350: The Time For Color is Now where they discussed about iMac and its controversial new design.

Both were present during Apple’s “Spring Loaded” digital event.

Novielli explained that the decision to colorize the iMac was to give customers more options to choose the desktop of their liking. With more people working from home, the decision to bring out colorful iMac computers perfectly suit the need for a more personal desktop for at-home workers.

Color is the Future

Novielli explained that “the colors are designed to bring a sense of brightness, optimism, and joy.”

Novielli isn’t wrong as the new iMac lineup has some of the brightest colors on any Apple product to date. Rather than a solid color such as purple and blue, the new iMac has a much softer tone to ease the eyes and relax the users.

So why is the new iMac so revolutionary? If we know anything about Apple, it’s that they like to think in long terms. As such, the new iMac computers give us a glimpse as to the design language that Apple will likely follow for the years to come.

Perhaps we can also expect to find colorized AirPods in the near future, or iPhones as we’ve seen with the release of the new light-purple iPhone.

Kaloty also commented that the thin design of the new iMac was possible due to the powerful M1 chip that runs the computer’s entire operation. We can expect to see thinner computers to come out of Apple’s pipeline in the near future as well.

New Magnet Power Plug

Finally, Kaloty explained that Apple carefully thought of the magnetic power cord with the user in mind. She commented that Apple “fine tuned” the power cord to make sure that the cable didn’t unplug unexpectedly.

This design was first seen with the late-2000 MacBook models. It was one of Steve Job’s favorite designs as he believed that the sound of the magnets connecting to the laptop signaled a sign that the users were connected with their products.

This updated design, along with the new playful colors, show us that Apple is going back to their roots and making products that help connect people with their products again.

You can listen to the full episode of Upgrade #350: The Time for Color is Now here. You can also listen to it on the Apple Podcast App here.

Originally published at on April 27, 2021.



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